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    We live & dream to make a display like this

    I'd be like a kid in a candy store with that display. I'd have to quit my full time job to sequence something like that. Wow.
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    Rosedale Christmas Lights 2013, Richmond VA USA

    Thanks guys! It was alot of work (and expense) expanding so quickly. I had drawn up what I wanted my display to look like last January. I debated about adding each year over several years, or just going for it. So, I went for it. It cost me a bit more than I had planned but it was worth it...
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    Eddy's story over at Planet Christmas

    Very nice. I greatly enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this Alec.
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    Rosedale Christmas Lights 2013, Richmond VA USA

    Thanks everyone! I'm definitely addicted. My spare bedroom and half my attic are now dedicated storage areas for all the lights. I so much enjoy the camaraderie with all the other animated light enthusiasts. There's also so much to be said for the vendors who sell lights, controllers...
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    Hello Fomr Norhern Virgina

    Welcome to ACL!! This is such a great forum. I live in Richmond and have done animated shows for the past 2 years. Last year I made it on the Tacky Light Tour with 50,000 lights. I would have liked to see your display while you were still in the area. Do you have any videos? -Thomas
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    Rosedale Christmas Lights 2013, Richmond VA USA

    First, a big thank you to ACL, FastEddy, Bird, OldMan, and many others for the encouragement, as well as my buddy BillyT who helped me get going on animated light shows. 2012 was my first year with 9500 lights, 64 channels (LOR). For 2013, I expanded to 50,000 lights and 368 channels (LOR). I...
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    2013 Christmas videos

    Great sequencing. Love what you did with your pixel megatree. Snowfall tubes incorporated very nice…nice effect.!! Thank you for posting your videos. I thoroughly enjoyed them. -Thomas
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    Need help with GFI tripping problem

    Hi Greg. I had similar issues with GFCI trips last year with 4 LOR controllers (120VAC) and 9500 lights. I was good with 3 plugged in, but once I plugged in #4, it would trip every time. It wasn't a current problem as I have all LED lights, totaling less than 6A when everything is on. I...
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    Hello from Kansas, USA

    Welcome. Nice job on the sequencing! -Thomas
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    First candy canes test

    They look great! Nice job. You will be able to do some very sweet effects with those. -Thomas
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    from thinking to building

    Hi Bert-NC, Two days after Thanksgiving Day last year (2012) I decided to animate my display of less than 2000 lights. Did some research and chose LOR. After 3 weeks of sleepless nights (literally slept 2-3 hrs a night), I managed to build my display up to 9500 lights and sequenced 3 songs on...
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    More effects, same unfinished star

    Awesome star and effects! Looks amazing. Great job!! -Thomas
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    Hi from Wyoming

    Welcome to ACL, Vickie and husband! This is definitely the place to be for those who like to "play with Christmas lights." You will find everyone here very helpful, friendly and encouraging. I found the forums to be just a wealth of knowledge. The more I read, the worse the CLAP got, in a...
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    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to ACL! I hope you'll post some videos in the Show-Off Arena! -Thomas
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    new to site

    Welcome to ACL, Dan! You're going from 64 to 96 channels, and trying to do halloween this year?! That will definitely keep you busy. I started with animated shows last year, 9500 lights 64 channels LOR. I'm upgrading to 45000 lights and 368 channels LOR. I'll be busy all year building and...