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    Rope Light Degredation

    I use Silicon spray and a cotton cloth. Works well and helps keep the outer soft.
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    Bunnings Arlec rope light cutting

    Pesle,I have the 10m ropes from this year and last. Definitely no marks. Yes David, there will be, but its really hard to see. Its strange wiring . There also appears to be a thicker tensioning wire running independently. Dunno. So im going to bite the bullet.
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    Bunnings Arlec rope light cutting

    Pesle, yep that is normally the case. But these ropes don't have them.
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    Bunnings Arlec rope light cutting

    Thanks guys, Pics below.
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    Bunnings Arlec rope light cutting

    Hi all, Im trying to cut the Arlec rope light from Bunnings. Its a 2 wire system. There are NO marks or shunt/bridge sections. Every 1m there are 2 resistors. 2 leds to the power input side, there appears to be only 2 wires. Hard to see though. So im trying to figure out where I can cut this...
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    Hey there

    Hi all, Mal from Melbourne here Been doing of the shelf displays for a while now. Looking at going deeper. Hope to have some fun