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    trying to work out how this is done

    Look for Clyde Lindsey's vidoe on morph effect it might help clear something up.
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    Using Aluminium Profile for Permanant Lighting

    If someone know of a good US vender please send me the info. Thanks
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    what is everybody plans for 2016

    I guess we both have big jobs see the link,8276.msg73896.html#msg73896
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    2015 Display video finally here!

    Nicely done!
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    my 2015 display

    Very nice, i like your loops how did you create those? and how are they mounted?
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    Finally got one video done

    Great job.
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    2015 display from Scotland

    Great work!
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    HAPPY 2016

    Happy New Years!
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    Bluzervics 2015 Show - Wish Liszt by TSO

    Great job! now i want pixel even more then before.
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    Last new sequence of the year - 2015 mashup

    I think it looks great! But I understand your not happy with it so give up and give it all to
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    Thank you Xlights team

    Great work!
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    Not expected but nice to get

    That's great makes it all worth while.
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    Santa/Siri Intro

    Thank you!