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    LSP still in business?

    Thanks Bill.
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    LSP still in business?

    I dont often get here but I am not sure why you put retirement in quotes. My leaving LSP and the Christmas Lighting Community was for the personal reasons stated in my notice to the community and had nothing to do with my relationship with LSP. I was always on the LSP forum at least once a day...
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    Retiring from the Holiday Lighting Community

    Thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately our children and grand children are far too spread out across the country to accomplish any of that and that is why we will be traveling to see them much more often than we already do.
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    Retiring from the Holiday Lighting Community

    The recent deaths of 2 family members have caused Barb and I to reevaluate our priorities. As a result of that reevaluation we have decided to spend our full time enjoying each other, our children, grandchildren and all other family members. With that decision I will not be spending any time...
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    Miaking A Ball Of Light Twirl

    Attached are two concept files I created a few years ago that I never did anything with. Perhaps you can use them. The doc file is really an skp file created using Google sketchup an the pdf is a simplified version of the skp file. rename the doc file to a skp file so you can be view it in...
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    DMX Box Appearing over the contoller name

    The cause for this bug has not been discovered. It happens on XP, VISTA, and WIn 7. It occurred some where in 2.5. For some unknown reason it does not affect everyone. The developers have indicated that it will be corrected in the rewrite.
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    DMX Box Appearing over the contoller name

    Hi, I might suggest an e-mail to Dean as the developers are buried in the new coding.
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    DMX Box Appearing over the contoller name

    Have you let Dean know what the show stopper is?
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    DMX Box Appearing over the contoller name

    It is a reported bug from quite a few users and it is not just with DMX controllers. It started with version 2.5 if I remember correctly. The developers will resolve it in the rewrite or possibly before if it is an easy fix.
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    DMX Box Appearing over the contoller name

    It is not just windows 8 or the demo version and it is a reported bug.
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    LightShowPro Online Webinar

    Ron, great idea to do a session on macros, I suspect it will help a lot of us out.
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    Help with timing marks

    Check out the virtual classroom on the LSP site. There is a class on various copy paste methods.
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    LSP 2.8 Macros

    What does the sequencer log file show? as long as both were not installed in the same location 2.5 and 2.8 can coexist you do not need to remove 2.5 unless you do not plan to use it.
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    LSP will not start

    from Microsoft
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    Lsp macro discussion Friday (11/15) @ 9:00 PM EST

    Just a thought but seems to me recording them would allow the entire user community to share the demonstration.