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    Poll: Do you live in a dead end street?

    We live in a small court, only 5 houses. We have a very small frontage facing the road so the display is small at the moment, only 2475 pixels. On a busy night we can have up to seven vehicles in the court, makes it very interesting, with three or four waiting to enter. Luckily we have good...
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    Falcon Player User Survey for January 2018

    Survey completed. This was my first year using FPP.
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    Newbie from Gippsland vic

    No problems. The lights will be running until 31st December 8.30 - Midnight.
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    Newbie from Gippsland vic

    I will be around tonight. Address is Kewell Court, Warragul. Display starts at 8.30pm.
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    2017 shows.. how is everyone doing?

    You have to watch out for that elf. Our elf has been getting up to all sorts of pranks. It has not been near the lights yet though.
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    Another "vote for me" thread

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    Newbie from Gippsland vic

    Hi Steve Whereabouts in Gippsland are you? I am in Warragul and run a display if you want to have a look. The workload is not too great when spread over 12 months.
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    Please vote for our lights!

    Easy to find the button, vote cast.
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    Voting open. I could use the help

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    Thunderstruck sequence download

    cdjazman shared a copy of his Thunderstruck sequence on 2nd December. You can find it on this post
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    You know you have CLAP when.....

    When you become an Avon Lady to try to make extra money to pay for the habit.