1. SmartAlecLights

    Been Having fun with my 10m Seed Matrix

    Since everyone have been having issue's with seed's. I thought it was about time to show off, how well they can really work. Yes, I had many faulty seeds, but only during the build, (cable tied too hard, soldered while they were on) stupid mistakes really. An being that every up/down is...
  2. T

    Can I get away with no power injection, if running 5V strip at 50%?

    Hi all, I'm still very new to this, and I'm thinking of adding a 10m long straight run on my front porch. I'm thinking of going with two 5m strips of 5V WS2812 or WS2811 at 30 pixels/m. http://spikerlights.com/calcpower.aspx is showing me green if I run the lights at 50% (attached). Is this...
  3. Mark_M

    Mark's seed pixel mega tree - Smaller and cheaper!

    My seed pixel mega tree - Smaller to store and turned out cheaper to make. Can't be bothered to read? Here's the video: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGL6h4FvXdo The inspiration In 2017 I created a mega tree with 'seed lights' purchased from eBay. I choose these lights because the...
  4. How I made a seed pixel mega tree

    How I made a seed pixel mega tree

    How I made my seed pixel mega tree. I chose to use seed pixels because they are cheaper and light weight compared to standard bullet node 5v pixels everyone else is using.
  5. Setting up the mega tree time-lapse

    Setting up the mega tree time-lapse

    Setting up the new seed pixel mega tree, I was completing some parts as I assembled it.
  6. Mark_M

    2022 Bunnings copper wire seed pixels

    THESE ARE NOT PIXELS.... I bought some to test and they are driven as a 3ch H-Bridge. I went for a trip to Bunnings today. In the recent years they have brought out more offerings of 'smart' lights. From standard LED strings with a WiFi plug multi-function controller to these seemingly pixels...
  7. Star pixel mounting time-lapse

    Star pixel mounting time-lapse

    Seed pixels being mounted into 5mm coro.
  8. Mark_M

    Making a seed pixel coro star

    Post #1. Video in the 3rd post: https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/making-a-seed-pixel-coro-star.14883/post-127784 I'm building a new mega tree for this year’s show, and I wanted to make a new pixel star. The pixels for the mega tree are 5v, so I decided to also use 5v pixels. I...
  9. Seed pixels.

    Seed pixels.

    Softwire seed pixels from @gflai . Mattos Design's also sell these under the 'Pebble' pixel name.
  10. AussiePhil

    Current draws and voltage drops for WS2811 5V Square pixels

    Hi all. This work supersedes any other published numbers for 2811 pixels that is currently pinned. These results are based on four 100 count strings of Ray Wu square 2811 pixels, 5v, 100mm (4") spacing. Pigtails as supplied by Ray. The power injection however is custom made designed to minimise...
  11. firebat

    First WS2811 Pixel System

    Hi All, Firstly, awesome community you have here lads!! Everyone is super helpful and keen for lighting madness! Shoutout to @darylc who is a uber legend sending through a special edition F16v3 quick smart. So anyway.... I've been reading, searching and attempting to answer my own questions...