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  1. P


    Hi everyone! I am new to PC-based holiday light shows. In the past 4 years I learned Arduino and put up some simple sequenced shows (animations only) using ~10x ESP8266 modules as receivers/controllers and a ESP32 as a broadcaster (over WIFI/UDP) to all the ESP8266s. I programmed the shows in...
  2. Permapower

    G'day from Cambewarra

    Hi everyone, It may be too late to plan and set up a Christmas light display this year, but I love reading and learning what others have done for themselves. As it is my first year, I would be interested to learn from others as to what I should start out with. Do I buy a bigger pixel...
  3. Beginner's Intro to the various LED Strips - YouTube

    Beginner's Intro to the various LED Strips - YouTube

    Here's a video about the different sorts of LED strips from single colour & multi-colour RGB strips to digital pixel based strips.
  4. ElSalZi

    Cable ties!?!

    I’m guessing that I’m overthinking this, slightly (opening for jockular ridicule for everyone)! What size cable ties? o_O Looking for opinions and reasons why, not “It’s up to you, man!” :cool: