beginners advice

  1. S

    Getting ready to order my first RGB lights!

    First-timer here and I am getting ready to place my first order in preparation of a light display this Christmas. My main goal for this year is to start relatively small, but give myself enough flexibility to expand in future years. I would love to get some feedback from the group before I place...
  2. B

    Newbie wanting to start

    Hi all, Im after some solid advice on where to start with all this as i have been interested in int for a while now. I have been trolling the forum for setup guides and examples on where to start etc and have had some major insight reference power injection, though the electrical side worries me...
  3. P


    Hi everyone! I am new to PC-based holiday light shows. In the past 4 years I learned Arduino and put up some simple sequenced shows (animations only) using ~10x ESP8266 modules as receivers/controllers and a ESP32 as a broadcaster (over WIFI/UDP) to all the ESP8266s. I programmed the shows in...
  4. Permapower

    G'day from Cambewarra

    Hi everyone, It may be too late to plan and set up a Christmas light display this year, but I love reading and learning what others have done for themselves. As it is my first year, I would be interested to learn from others as to what I should start out with. Do I buy a bigger pixel...
  5. Beginner's Intro to the various LED Strips - YouTube

    Beginner's Intro to the various LED Strips - YouTube

    Here's a video about the different sorts of LED strips from single colour & multi-colour RGB strips to digital pixel based strips.
  6. ElSalZi

    Cable ties!?!

    I’m guessing that I’m overthinking this, slightly (opening for jockular ridicule for everyone)! What size cable ties? o_O Looking for opinions and reasons why, not “It’s up to you, man!” :cool: