1. Merlin

    Thai of Melbourne

    I am Thai of Melbourne. Friend's xmas lights were impressive. Resistance has been futile. Zero experience. No shed/garage. Few hand tools. Year 1 goal: 3m mega tree. Will retro post xmas 2021 and then go from there! Secured a few pieces, including Ray Wu 12v regulated lights, 3x Meanwells, a...
  2. Falcon F16v3 bank loading

    Falcon F16v3 bank loading

    Banking on the Falcon F16v3. This does not apply to the Falcon 16v4.
  3. darylc

    Closed Falcon F16v3 & F48 E1.31 pixel controller 2020 buy

    This thread is for purchasing a selection of Falcon Pixel Controllers and accessories. As in previous years I am working directly with David Pitts at Falcon Christmas (falconchristmas.com) to import some of his boards directly from his manufacturer and distribute them locally. Please carefully...
  4. darylc

    Falcon pixel controller firmware thread

    In this thread I will post what I know about Falcon firmware. This is not a support thread. If you think you have a problem with Falcon firmware I recommend you post on the falconchristmas.com forums. Upgrade instructions https://pixelcontroller.com/firmware/How to Update Firmware.txt v2.50...
  5. Mischka

    Quick Falcon 16v3 Question: 510 or 512 channels per universe?

    Hi, Just going through Xlights Setup for my F16v3 (Thanks Daryl for sending it so quickly!), So I've watched a number of Videos for setting up the Falcon, and they seem to vary from Number of Channels per Universe from 510 to 512. So I'm wondering which one should I use? I've set up 32 Universe...
  6. Bryan H

    Falcon 16v3 firmware

    I trolled our forum pages looking for info about the latest falcon firmware and founded limited information, but located something on the falcon forums (https://falconchristmas.com/forum/index.php/topic,10515.0.html) with a link to this gitup page of David Pitts where he places the firmware for...
  7. Derf

    Has anyone bought from dhgate.com

    Hello! Just been browsing around to source WS2811 Strip as I have been informed that Ray is quite busy. I have found 5m Weatherproof roll on the site DH Gate. here is the link to the one I'm currently looking at...
  8. Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller

    Falcon F16V3 Pixel Controller

    From CanispaterChristmas (sponsored product video). This video covers all the features of this new board along with an Expansion Board and a Differential Expansion Board plus Differential Receivers.
  9. Falcon F16v3 - Connecting power for first boot-up ... input polarity & voltage jumpers

    Falcon F16v3 - Connecting power for first boot-up ... input polarity & voltage jumpers

    From Leechburg Lights. We are connecting power to the board for the first time and I wanted to review many of the specifics that you will need to be aware of When selecting a volta...
  10. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Falcon Christmas 2017 controller update

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Falcon Christmas 2017 controller update

    Presented by darylc. The 2017 controller range from Falcon Christmas including the F16v3, F4v3, and expansion boards.
  11. Bryan H

    Setup of the F16v3

    Hi, Guys, I will start this thread. I would like to see photos of how others are putting their F16v3 together. This is my setup which took me about 6 hours to build so far. I am yet to run the pigtails which I will do over the next week or two. The cabinet is lockable and will need an air vent...
  12. Sydney Mini 2017 - Falcon 2017 controllers (F16v3)

    Sydney Mini 2017 - Falcon 2017 controllers (F16v3)

    Presented by keithsw1111 for the Sydney Mini 2017 (in Newcastle!). Falcon Christmas 2017 update including F16v3 pixel controller.
  13. Eamonb

    Falcon F16V3 setup in xLights

    Hi all, I am trying to finalize my 2017 set up before placing the pixel order... and have a few questions (hopefully easy)... My control set up (on order): 1 x F16V3 1 x F16v3 Differential Expansion 4x 4-String Differential Receiver Boards. Question 1: Looking at the specs for the above set...