1. C

    What do you use for your mega tree?

    What do you guys use for your mega tree? Which lights, controllers and how did you get it up? Also how big is yours?
  2. C

    HELP! What do I need for a mega tree?

    I’m thinking of getting a mega tree for next year. What equipment and lights should I be using? I want it to me around 3 metres tall and be able to control it via an app.
  3. Mark_M

    Mark's seed pixel mega tree - Smaller and cheaper!

    My seed pixel mega tree - Smaller to store and turned out cheaper to make. Can't be bothered to read? Here's the video: View: The inspiration In 2017 I created a mega tree with 'seed lights' purchased from eBay. I choose these lights because the...
  4. Setting up the mega tree time-lapse

    Setting up the mega tree time-lapse

    Setting up the new seed pixel mega tree, I was completing some parts as I assembled it.
  5. Merlin

    Thai of Melbourne

    I am Thai of Melbourne. Friend's xmas lights were impressive. Resistance has been futile. Zero experience. No shed/garage. Few hand tools. Year 1 goal: 3m mega tree. Will retro post xmas 2021 and then go from there! Secured a few pieces, including Ray Wu 12v regulated lights, 3x Meanwells, a...
  6. J

    First Mega Tree Build

    Hey All, Hope everyone is well, and 2021 Plans are underway nicely. I am in the process of creating my first Mega Tree this year, and I was curious to see if anyone else had thought to use, or have used, a Cable Spool for the base of their Mega Tree (as pictured)? I have all the pixels, and...
  7. Mark_M

    Share your mega tree poles please!

    I'm asking nicely for anyone to share photos of their mega tree pole, foundation and/or lifting mechanism. I am asking for photos to utilise in my design work portfolio. I have been allowed structural design in my portfolio, which means I get to make this later in the metal workshop! :D This...
  8. RGB Blinding Lights

    RGB Blinding Lights

    #jorgeBolivar Our RGB pixels displaying one of the season favorites. Our RGB display has around 4900 RGB pixels on various props. We hope our efforts helps t...
  9. Tree photos

    Tree photos

  10. Tree photos

    Tree photos

  11. Tree photos

    Tree photos

  12. Tree photos

    Tree photos