Share your mega tree poles please!


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Dec 30, 2018
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I'm asking nicely for anyone to share photos of their mega tree pole, foundation and/or lifting mechanism.

I am asking for photos to utilise in my design work portfolio. I have been allowed structural design in my portfolio, which means I get to make this later in the metal workshop! :D

This design portfolio will require me to use images of current designs, elaborate on workings, weaknesses, and strengths.
Please comment your mega tree structure and specify an ownership crediting name (or your ACL account name).
I can also hunt through behind the scenes videos if you agree for me to.

Images are used in the assignment between 'inspiration' and 'ideas to innovate' standards. Unfortunately, structures do follow certain design conventions which may look similar, but my design result will not turn out as a direct copy to any images. My own requirements for my mega tree is going to be a different.

Images being used will not be modified in anyway but there will be annotations like arrows over top.
This portfolio will be sent to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority by the end of the year. The qualifications authority will not publish/share this portfolio anywhere.
When they return in February 2022, I'll modify marking out and post here.
As disclosure: My benefit in this exercise is credits towards passing the year and my chase to utilise the metal workshop for my own mega tree. There is no financial interest expect me spending my bank balance on pixels!

Even though I have access to welders in the metal workshop, I'm hoping I can make a design that requires bolts only. Something I could then re-piece together and make into a guide.

This portfolio does have stake holder feedback.
I've got to be careful how much I post online, but I may show my ideas for a round table discussion.

For any questions please comment below or private message me here on ACL.

Thanks for this great community! :)
Mark M. "Mark_M"


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Jan 16, 2018