mega tree

  1. Merlin

    Thai of Melbourne

    I am Thai of Melbourne. Friend's xmas lights were impressive. Resistance has been futile. Zero experience. No shed/garage. Few hand tools. Year 1 goal: 3m mega tree. Will retro post xmas 2021 and then go from there! Secured a few pieces, including Ray Wu 12v regulated lights, 3x Meanwells, a...
  2. H

    Mega tree kit

    Gday all New to this and am after a mega tree setup. Can I buy kits in Australia? If so what are the best places to get them from?
  3. J

    First Mega Tree Build

    Hey All, Hope everyone is well, and 2021 Plans are underway nicely. I am in the process of creating my first Mega Tree this year, and I was curious to see if anyone else had thought to use, or have used, a Cable Spool for the base of their Mega Tree (as pictured)? I have all the pixels, and...
  4. Mark_M

    Share your mega tree poles please!

    I'm asking nicely for anyone to share photos of their mega tree pole, foundation and/or lifting mechanism. I am asking for photos to utilise in my design work portfolio. I have been allowed structural design in my portfolio, which means I get to make this later in the metal workshop! :D This...
  5. Phillhutcho

    First pixels Mega tree attempt

    Hi, I am new to pixels but looking to start with a 180 degree mega tree at the front of the house. I am looking at aprox 3.3m from ground to peak and then will look at a star on top. Approx 1600mm across the base, I am trying to work out if 16 strips would be enough or need more? I will be...
  6. S

    HELP.. New Guy Here

    Hi Folks, New to this world but looking forward to learning.. Have XLights as my software, building a 16 strand Mega Tree using a EasyLights PIX16 pre built controller (Protocol E131), Mega tree has 50 nodes per strand.. Have connected my controller and tested it all strand light up (only have...
  7. Mischka

    Trying to find the animation for the Lights of Christmas by Owl City.

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to find the animation video for the Lights of Christmas by Owl City for my mega Tree display, does anyone know where I can find it? Cheers Geoff Canberra (1st Build this Year)
  8. Ben Walker

    Christmas Mega Tree

    Hey guys, I’ve got a traditional light display and this year I want to make a mega tree. I plan on making it about 6m(20ft) tall, I have a couple of questions I would like answered. what should the diameter of the base be? What length of lights (m) would I need to make it look nice and go...
  9. Tree photos

    Tree photos

  10. Tree photos

    Tree photos

  11. Tree photos

    Tree photos

  12. Tree photos

    Tree photos

  13. B

    mega tree set up

    Morning guys i have finally built the tree but just need help with a few things. the tree is 20 strings@128 pixels with 4 looped together(5 strings really) main issue i have it just trying to work it out in xlights. when setting up how do i get it to work as far as zigzag each string? there...
  14. Narre Lights 2017 Behind the Scenes

    Narre Lights 2017 Behind the Scenes

    A behind the scenes look at the new additions to the Narre Lights Christmas light show for 2017.
  15. DavidJ247

    Narre Lights 2017 - Behind the scenes

    Check out my latest video below, an update to the 2016 walkthrough showing the new props added in 2017. Always keen to share knowledge and ideas, all questions and feedback welcome. View:
  16. Assembling Mega Tree Boscoyo pixel mounting strips

    Assembling Mega Tree Boscoyo pixel mounting strips

    Assembling pixel mega-tree strips with a pixel press this week and thought I would document the process. Parts from; Boscoyo Studio - www, Ray Wu -
  17. B

    xTremeSequences Effects Contest

    Let's have some fun with this. Submit your best effort to mirror my Candy Swirl effect for a 36 strand (100 node) Mega Tree. If you wish to be anonymous send it to Otherwise, submit via video or preset. Winner receives a Mega Tree Preset Effects Pack. Members of...
  18. DavidJ247

    Mega Tree Strips

    Assembling some mega tree strips this week and thought I would video the process to share. View:
  19. B

    xTremeSequences Introduces Mapping and Consultation Services!

    Hello Australia!!!! I have been busy helping many in the US with mapping and custom sequences, not to mention my existing sequences in my store. Last year when I first posted sequences for sale in this forum it was really quiet and thought maybe this is a no-no so I focused my efforts in the...
  20. paullyxmas76

    Boscoyo Just Delivered!! 8-))

    Just arrived today from Boscoyo Studio 150 12mm Mega tree Strips 100 MISR clips and a 7-10 ft Mega tree Kit all delivered in 7 Days....Now for the Mrs to sit and put all the pixels in!!..This will be my first mega tree this year obviously have a heap of strips...
  21. Adelaide Mini 2016 - xLights 4 Mega Tree (and Fing's tree)

    Adelaide Mini 2016 - xLights 4 Mega Tree (and Fing's tree)

    Presented by Fing for the Adelaide Mini 2016 - Day 2. xLights 4 v2016.33. Includes a construction how-to for Fing's Mega Tree (first 10 minutes).
  22. Adelaide Mini 2016 - Vixen 3.2 Mega Tree

    Adelaide Mini 2016 - Vixen 3.2 Mega Tree

    Presented by adski for the Adelaide Mini 2016 - Day 2. Vixen 3.2u2. How to set up and sequence a pixel tree and pixel spinner in Vixen 3.