1. S

    PVC Clip Spacing

    Hi all. One of the last things I need to order this year are PVC mounting clips to attach my roof outline. Can anyone recommend a general rule of thumb for spacing them apart? I'm trying to avoid massively over/under ordering. Many thanks!
  2. S

    Mounting EMT/PVC Clips to House Without Drilling

    I am planning for my first show this Christmas and am planning to start out with simple outline around our roof line. My plan currently is to attach my pixels to mounting strip and zip tie to EMT conduit. I would like to make set up/tear down as easy as possible, particularly because one of the...
  3. chrisparton1991

    Question - Mounting LED strip on a round pillar

    For the last few years I've been struggling to find an elegant way to mount my LEDs to a round steel pillar. Here are the lights (video on YouTube): In this image, I've got some webbing on the rear of each pillar. The webbing is cabled tied to the pillar, and each loop of the strip is cable...
  4. denno020

    What do people think of my Colorbond roofing light mounts?

    I just finished putting up these light mounts that I created this year. Previously I've always tried to do something that wasn't permanent (like using binder/bulldog clips to attach to the edges of the ridge capping), but this year I decided that I'm just going do to something permanent. So the...
  5. David_AVD

    Mounting Hardware

    Now available in the da-Share shop: M3 x 6mm plastic screws M3 x 10mm plastic screws M3 x 10mm plastic spacers M3 x 15mm plastic spacers They are all sold in packs of 25, so enough to mount six 4-hole PCBs with a spare in case you drop one! Stock is limited at present as I wanted to inspect a...