power supply

  1. John Bremner

    Hanson Electronics Power Supplies

    Hi All, Just looking for some feedback on the power supplies offered by Hanson Electronics. I've got a quote on Mean Well power supplies which are just shy of AU$200, but worried about the quality of $55 units. But at a cost ratio of 4:1, it's a consideration I'm looking into. Otherwise, if...
  2. Dez

    Please help with my calculations!

    Hi, I am wanting to create a pixel matrix which will be 1200mm x 1200mm and the I will be using WS2811 bullet pixels from Ray Wu spaced at 50mm apart. I am having some trouble working out how to calculate how many power supplies I will require. I am almost 100% confident that my calculations...
  3. Ben Walker

    Power supply questions

    Hey awesome people, I have just a normal light display and not a show so this is a little different than other threads. I currently run all my power (approx 45 sets) off just 2 outdoor power outlets(check out photo for what that looks like). I think that this year that might become a bit much...
  4. How to open Christmas Light power adapter - YouTube

    How to open Christmas Light power adapter - YouTube

    The trick is to not smash the crap out of it.
  5. 930watt 12V Power Supply Test - YouTube

    930watt 12V Power Supply Test - YouTube

    Demo of old Dell server power supply rewired to power my LED's.