power supply

  1. BBQNinja

    Powering lights outside property

    Hello all, Looking for some advice about using a controller outside my front fence on the nature strip. I have spoken to local council, and they are OK with it, but I specified any power outside my fence would be low voltage (my whole show is 5V) On the nature strip I am hoping to run 50 peace...
  2. M

    Most efficient way to power multiple power supplies in an enclosure

    Hi team! I'm building an enclosure for a 5400 12v pixel mega tree. I have 4 Mean Wells in the enclosure connected to an F16v3 plus 2 expansion boards (I'll run it at 20 or 30%). I'm wondering if I can have a single power line coming into the enclosure that will directly power PS#1 and then have...
  3. Max Kabilafkas

    Answered Problem with Power Injection

    I'm having some troubles with the power injection for my mini trees. I have 8 mini trees which are broken into two lots of four. Each mini tree plus star uses 200 5v pixels (4 x 50 node strings). The wire diagram below shows how I have them wired up (I have only showed one group of four...
  4. W

    Is my Wiring OK? - WS2811 LED Strips

    Hi all, New to the forum and I'm not too sure if this question is allowed because im using an Artnet to SPI controller, however it maybe could be of help to others in future! I am looking to install WS2811 LED Strips inside coving on walls for a down lighting effect. I have drawn up a wiring...
  5. John B

    Hanson Electronics Power Supplies

    Hi All, Just looking for some feedback on the power supplies offered by Hanson Electronics. I've got a quote on Mean Well power supplies which are just shy of AU$200, but worried about the quality of $55 units. But at a cost ratio of 4:1, it's a consideration I'm looking into. Otherwise, if...
  6. Dez

    Please help with my calculations!

    Hi, I am wanting to create a pixel matrix which will be 1200mm x 1200mm and the I will be using WS2811 bullet pixels from Ray Wu spaced at 50mm apart. I am having some trouble working out how to calculate how many power supplies I will require. I am almost 100% confident that my calculations...
  7. Ben Walker

    Power supply questions

    Hey awesome people, I have just a normal light display and not a show so this is a little different than other threads. I currently run all my power (approx 45 sets) off just 2 outdoor power outlets(check out photo for what that looks like). I think that this year that might become a bit much...
  8. How to open Christmas Light power adapter - YouTube

    How to open Christmas Light power adapter - YouTube

    The trick is to not smash the crap out of it.
  9. 930watt 12V Power Supply Test - YouTube

    930watt 12V Power Supply Test - YouTube

    Demo of old Dell server power supply rewired to power my LED's.