Release 2021.01 Released


Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2021.01 January 14 2021
— enh (gil) Improve handle selection when handles overlap to help with resizing tiny models
— enh (gil) Allow sorting Timing tracks for Master View in Display Elements dialog.
— enh (gil) Twinkle effect: add value curves
— enh (scott) Change default model blending to drop down to make it less cryptic
— enh (keith) Add -s command line option to run it single threaded (slow but errors can more easily be debugged)
— enh (keith) Upgrade windows wxWidgets to 3.1.4
— enh (keith) When input and outputs upload are linked disable the inputs as only one is needed
— enh (keith) Add code to allow generation of a GIF for a preset (this is not user accessible at this time)
— bug (gil) Prevent Node Select Grid zoom from being able to be reduced to 0 and recover if it has
— bug (gil) Fix some drag/drop sorting issues in Display Elements dialog. (Hopefully didn’t create new ones)
— bug (gil) Fix new Bounce to Middle Singlestrand option when Cycles is not equal to 1.
— bug (keith) Fix xFade does not allow 0 artnet universe
— bug (keith) Fix decline on email does not save decision
— bug (dpriem) Fix models duplicated in group when importing from rgbeffects
— bug (dpriem) Fix replace model call in model list right click menu was not doing anything

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Full time elf
Jan 1, 2020
Portland, Vic
seems like something is up with your new -s option keith. running without it im stuck on a single thread.

and adding -s to command line just throws up a message about commandline options