Release 2023.02 Released


Apprentice elf
Jan 26, 2020
Well, just to stir the pot a little. I appreciate all you guys have done to make fpp and xlights what they are. I could never have done this on my own. Seeing how much money I waste on chocolate and pop, if I need to pay a little for the program it’s totally worth it to me. And, unless I miss my guess, you’ve got full time jobs, families you’re taking time away from and light show of your own that need built, assembled and repaired. And why, to develop something that I use for free. So if you do make some profit from it, that’s fine with me. Thanks
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Crazy elf
Global moderator
Generous elf
Dec 19, 2021
Western Sydney
I have FPP 6 running fine on rPi 3's, and 3+'s - they did my show last year. I only own a rPi4 for development work so that compilations don't take so long.

Even for basic stuff, FPP6 will run fine on an rPi 1B+ .... I have one of these running standalone for a small project.
Any of the BeagleBone based controllers are running on slow hardware, which is equivalent to an rPi 1B+ anyway - 512MB RAM, a nugget of a CPU.