Release 2024.11 Released

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Senior elf
Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW
2024.11 Jun 15, 2024

– enh (dkulp) Add ability to set display names for Model/Submodel layers

– enh (dkulp) For VSA import, set the layer name to mach the servo

– enh (dkulp) Add effect background for Servo Effect

– enh (dkulp) Make Servo effect easier to use for common “Ramp” use cases by not requiring the value curves for those

– enh (dkulp) Make sure preview honors the min/max configured for the servo

– enh (dkulp) Change MovingHeadPanel to use dialog units and/or default sizes for buttons

– enh (gil) Show Active Timing Marks in Moving Head Effect Dimmer Panel; Only set MH channels that have actually been changed

– enh (dkulp) Allow Canvas mode effects to set pixels transparent (ex: shaders only applying to part of buffer)

– enh (cybercop23) Sort Model Icons + swapped Download & Import

– enh (cybercop23) Removed Wreath model from being created

– enh (scott) Added Timing Event Bar Bounce to VU Meter

– enh (derwin12) Ability to order the views in the Display Editor window

– enh (cybercop23) Add Aliases for Models and Groups to the Export Model

– enh (cybercop23) Layout Panel – Remove start/end channels for shadow items, MH type

– enh (cybercop23) Add quick open base button

– enh (cybercop23) Sort dropdowns for In/Out Transitions

– enh (PeteMatthews) Add sACN/ArtNet support for ILightThat controller

– enh (cybercop23) Stack button on ctrl page and remove the slider to prevent full close of right panel

– enh (derwin12) Allow for a model vid export to be done at high or lowdef render via scripting

– enh (derwin12) Add middle mouse to pan sequencer

– enh (derwin12) Check that timing track name doesnt conflict with models

– enh (derwin12) Show Set Center Point dialog for all groups

– enh (cybercop23) Move Delete to lower in thej list to reduce accidental click

– enh (derwin12) Optionally retain the effect duration when duplicating an effect

– bug (derwin12) Keep buttons visible in submodel dialog

– bug (gil) Fix Pan value curve

– bug (derwin12) Model groups with one model causing stalling/crashing

– bug (MrPierreB) Bars effect – Fix bug where the highlight color is not used when other layer blending options are selected

– bug (gil) Fix model paste when no model is selected

– bug (dkulp) Fix ValueCurve bottom not being visible or selectable on Mac.

– bug (dkulp) Some fixes for colored buttons on sonoma having their sizes changing

– bug (dkulp) Make sure sorting is turned off during the model list “Freeze” and re-enabled on “Thaw”

– bug (dkulp) FireEffect: only call GetMaxBuffer during init, use that size throughout the effect rendering for consistency

– bug (scott) DMXEffect – some more fixes after update to 48dmx channels

– bug (gil) Fix major bug with MovingHeadEffect on groups…it was triggering all heads whether they were selected or not

– bug (gil) Fix Sketch panel resize

– bug (keith) Fix some E4-S Mk3 controller issues with v1.5 firmware, zig-zag, content-type

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