240V ac controller stopped working


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Apr 9, 2014
Thanks all. I do have spares of most things as you say. Don't have any triacs though. What are the specs Jamie. If you have a link for what I need that would be great.

I just replaced the fuse and all is well in the country. The triac seems to being holding up so far (touch wood). It all cycled through as it should on DA_e131.

Was thinking about what happened to the my-t-brite power cord. What breaks. Is there something in the hard plastic mould part the way down the cord that burns out. I tried seeing if there was a circuit with the multimeter. One wire in the lights plug has a circuit to both prongs on the power plug and the other wire on the lights plug is not connected to either of the power plug prongs. If that makes sense. I checked one that was working and got the same scenario with similar resistance readings on the one wire that is connected to the power plug prongs.

I figure it's 240v anyway and I don't want to be playing with it (can't legally either), I'm going to put it in the bin so it doesn't get mixed up with the good cords. I was just wondering what goes wrong.


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Dec 12, 2015
116 Voss Rd Glamorgan Vale 4306
Hello, I am looking for power cords for my collection of my t brite lights. Just the standard my t brite power cord. now that Kevin is no longer operating and his site is closed do you know where i can source the cord. I have a large collection of these connectable lights which I use in our fig trees but as more leads go down i can see problems coming up powering these light in future. :(