ACL LED Strobe Group Buy Interest Thread - Closing 22nd of April

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Apr 26, 2010
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This is an interest thread for the purchase of a complete strobe kit which contains

1 x 660-RK73H2BTTD2R00F | 1 //Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4watts 2ohms 1% - used for 350mA LED
2 x 660-RK73H2BTTD1001F | 2 // Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/4watts 1Kohms 1% - used with Transistor
1 x 290-100K-RC | 1 //Thick Film Resistors - SMD 1/8WATT 100KOHMS 1% - used with transistor
1 x 863-P2N2222AG | 1 //Bipolar Small Signal 600mA 75V NPN - used to provide on-off triggering
1 x 863-NUD4001DR2G | 1 //LED Drivers MI 60V LED DRVR TR - required to drive the LED
1 x 579-PIC10F200T-I/OT | 1 //Microcontrollers (MCU) .375kBF 16RM 4I/O - small PIC to provide standalone usage
1 x Strobe PCB (Note: Strobe panels will ONLY be sold as a complete panel of 45 boards)
1 x 0.75 watt 350ma 120 degree 8mm straw hat LED
1 x Strobe LED cover to suit

This kit will allow you to build a complete 0.75watt 60Lm self-triggering 5VDC white strobe with cover.

This Interest thread will run from 1st April to 22nd of April 2012
A payment thread will then be created and will run from 22nd April to 29th of April 2012
Once the buy is closed I will then order all parts which are currently in stock and then work out individual shipping cost to be payed before shipping goods.

You will require the use of a Picit 2 or 3 programmer to program the microcontroller. These can be obtained from around $50 from or from ebay vendors. Or you can ask around to use one from someone nearby as there are plenty of members that have these already. These are used to program the pic which stores the program. This can also be used for the ECG series of boards and other pic based boards to install firmware updates.

This is an SMD (surface mounted device) Kit and some parts are small. This project is a great starting project for anyone wanting to take on putting together SMD boards. The strobes are what I learnt on and I didn’t find them that difficult, I only killed the first 2 due to using too much solder paste.

All prices are in $US and include all fees and taxes (excluding final delivery cost) All US orders will be shipped to fathead45 in bulk for distribution in the US

Full Kit including 0.75watt LED and Strobe cover.

Price for full strobe kit including LED and Cover based on a panel of 45 boards.

Based on 1000 units for 45 complete Strobe kits: US$93.60 ($2.08 each)

Based on 5000 Units for 45 complete Strobe kits: US$84.15 ($1.87 each)

BOM Only

BOM does not include LED or Cover, just components

Based on 1000 units: US$1.33

Based on 5000 Units: US$1.12

Board Panel Only

PCB price per panel of 45 strobe boards (no parts, just bare panel): US$4.96

I will investigate if further discounts can be achieved based on final numbers

You can also order the solder paste with this group buy that will be supplied by Fathead45 and shipped to me for inclusion into the strobe kit for Australian distribution. This is a 10cc tube of quality solder paste that is no clean flux and comes with plunger and tip and good for approximatly 600 strobes out of a tube

10cc Solder Paste: $20.00
(Price includes all fees)

So when placing your interest, please specify what you want and the number you want (Remember that panels and kits are sold in lots of 45 so 2 panels would equal 90 Strobes. You only need to specify the number of panels or the number of Kits in lots of 45)

Complete Strobe Kit:
BOM Only:
PCB panel Only:
Solder Paste:

For further information see rules at,202.0.html

The strobes were offered 2 years ago and it may be another 2 years before they are offered again if at all. These have been a highlight of many displays, these are self-triggering 5VDC 0.75 watt LED strobes which pack some punch. I created strings of 25 strobes controlled by 1 channel.

Information on constructing and programming the strobes can be found at,807.0.html


Video of the strobes in a string of 25 with 3 different firmware’s


Video of strobes in action in my display (Warning turn down speaker volume, sorry for the interference noise)


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I have C.L.A.P
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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
Name Full Kit Solder Paste BOM Only Panel Only

z_special 2
PinakBERT 1 1
drzman 2
MSL 2 6
wbe12345 2 4
adski 1 1 1
howdi124 1
Brownie 1 1
Kel* 100
NightOwl 3
Skunberg 1 1
Nath_From_NT 1 1
Blickensderfer 12
DougieB 1 1
Harrisonk 4 1 1
Bird 1
Pyrotech 1 1
justinj 2 1
smv 2
Pircy 1 1
jimbo3301 2
gizmo 1 1 5
JerryPlak 2 1 4
tmcteer 1 1 1
brett 1 1
rew 2 1
angus40 1
jupiter65 5
Kaden 2 1
dragon88 1 4
frankr 2 1
dmcole 12** 1
Ruprect 1 1
Kane 3 1
richardd 2 1
CaptKirk 1 10 2
ukewarrior 2
cscool36 2 1 2
steve22537 2 1 4
Pipersmall 1 1
Brettus 1 1
Westy27 2 1
lithgowlights 4 1
mick8248 2 1 3

Totals 63 28 12*/ 110 62

Maggot 400*
Kel 200*


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Dec 13, 2010
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Ya Hoo, Christmas has come early....

Could I have 2 complete kits (90) plus some solder paste.

Joy to the world.......
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