Coles 250 LED string - memory



Coles has been selling the 'buckets' of LED's again, $14 each which is good value.
In their own instruction booklet it clearly states "controller should always return to the last mode when power is connected".

Every time they're turned off though, it resets back to it's crazy demo mode (I just want them to stay constant on).

Anyone investigated these transformers before?
This is the exact transformer they give you -


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Dec 26, 2011
Armadale, Victoria
That's the one. A solution that will sort of work is to cut to two v+ wires at the transformer, join them, repeat for the lights and then join the two joined sets together.

This will make all lights stay on when at least the controller thinks that one half is it. They will still go off when they do those slow dimming patterns. Else just get a separate dc powersupply like most of us use.

Considering inside the thing there is 240v and 24v, I'm not inclined to crack it open to try modify it to be always on. Also, careful not to short circuit it, they seem to die very easily from doing that.