Falcon F16v3/ xLights issue


New elf
Dec 20, 2018
Hello all.

I am quite new to all of this so hopefully you can assist me with what I hope is a simple issue.

I have an F16v3 controller, I bought it completely setup from falcon, power supply and board all in a good case. I am using LED strips 30 per meter and each strip is 10 meters (300 pixels). I am currently using 13 of the 16 outputs. Even using all 16 ports, I should still be a good ways off the maximum allowed pixels for the controller.

After plenty of trial and error, I have been able to get it all to work for the most part. I can typically get all of the lights into test mode using the web browser for the F16v3 and get them all to function as expected using xLights.

My issue is that strips will completely fail or partially fail. This can happen on any of my outputs and is rather random. In some cases an entire strip will fail. In others, only a portion of a strip will fail. These two issues can happen together or solo, but it does tend to only ever be one complete strip out and/or one strip partially out.

To get these issues to go away, temporarily, I can usually disconnect the strips and reconnect them a few times while in test mode or just running test mode by itself has worked as well. I can find no rhyme or reason to why this may be occurring. It occurs when I leave the system running for a few days, it has also occurred when prior to turning everything off it was working fine.

It makes me think the controller just stops talking to the additional pixels and/or whole strands.

Any assistance anyone can offer would be great.
I am going to post this same post on other sites as well.

Another site has brought up the possibility of this being a power issue, but if my math is right I cannot figure out how it works at all.

Basic specs - MeanWell 12v power supply 350W - Strips state they need 0.3W per LED