Need to look into a new controller setup


New elf
Dec 17, 2019

Hoping I am putting this in the right channel. If not, please call me out :)

I have a current setup that has the following items.
- DMX Controller - proprietary to the vendor I initially bought stuff from. I insert an SD card that controls to show. Has 2 ethernet ports (1 connects to Pixel Controller, the 2nd to send signals to the dummy controllers), 1 audio out that connects to an FM transmitter - need to replace this
- Pixel Controller - 4 channel output - single circuit board with fuses and Well Mean power supply
- 2 15 channel dummy controllers (plug the singing faces 2-prong power into the 2 prong outlets on these)

- 3 strings of RGB modules using 3 outputs in the Pixel Controller - this covers my roof line and garages
- 2 singing faces (2 reindeer for Christmas, 2 singing pumpkins for Halloween) - these were custom built by my previous vendor and use LED wrapped lights
- Various other LED elements I plug into extra plugs on the DMX controllers to also respond to face element on/off (adds some interesting other light ups)

This is all synchronized to music (about 10 different songs for each holiday). I am moving away from this vendor and need to replace the DMX controller and do my own music synchronization. I would like more control over the elements to sync differently.

I am an experienced developer, so coding does not intimidate me, but the electrical stuff does. I think I have a basic understanding of what is going on, so I should be good at least keeping things mostly the way they are but doing my own sequencing this next year.

My question is what DMX controller do people recommend for someone who is still a beginner on getting this stuff going? Also do most people use XLights? Or does anyone prefer any of the commercial products?

Thanks in advance for any advice.