Brisbane/Qld Qld Ipswich Christmas Mini - May 18-19 2019

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Event date
Saturday, May 18, 2019 Sunday, May 19, 2019
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Tuesday, May 14, 2019
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Full time elf
Apr 21, 2016
Glass House Mountains
Well, I may have booked both the days for the mini weekend, but unfortunately, my wife was taken ill while I was attending the Saturday session.
I had to forgo the Sunday session to look after her and our 23 month old Grandson. That's Life .

A big thank-you to Steve, Geoff, Brad and Jay for their tuition and guidance, some of which I am still trying to pull back down from over my head :laugh:
A huge thank you to everyone who donated "lucky draw prizes" -
A big shout out to Troy of Extreme Lighting Displays who brought up "not enough Chroma designs" to be displayed (sold) on the day and for the people who pre-ordered and paid for their stuff to save on freight ( I've already put my stars together and testing them) and then finally for the Chroma designs he donated for the raffle.

I would also like to thank all those who shared knowledge and ideas on how things are made and done.
To Damien @ Christmas creations thanks for dropping off the clips and I am going through my video clips for the Green Meanie (Grinch)
To Richard - the cabinets have already been gutted and are ready for the fixing of psu's, controllers and other secret squirrel stuff. I just have to organise the cranes to move the cabinets around. :laugh::laugh:

Once again Geoff and his family get a second mention for opening their property to us and Geoff showing off his man-cave, but not sharing the "Grog" in the fridge :laugh:

Thanks again everyone - another successful mini.


New elf
Nov 4, 2015
Really nice work guys ... that was a great couple of days as usual .... it's always nice to catch with new people and always learn.


New elf
Nov 4, 2015
David AVD ... I believe it was you who brought along those 30mm DC12V addressable 0.5M long 3D SK6812 RGB Pixel tubes along to the BNE Mini. I am keen to get some however I have a query which I hope you can answer for me. I note the protocol for addressing the LEDs is SK6812 and the Falcon Controller I use ie. F16v3 does not display that protocol as an option. Is this supported from another protocol in the controller drop down list do you know? If anyone else knows the answer feel free to help me ... thanks :)