Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2023 Interest Thread


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Oct 11, 2012
Kellyville, NSW

Mid March and we have not really started to organise a mini this year so I guess it is time to get cracking.

The venue this year may be an issue so my first call out is for anyone who knows of a venue that we might use for 1-2 days some time in May/June/July accommodating somewhere around 50-80 people. We have been really spoilt over the past few years but I am not sure we are going to be able to get that venue again this year.

If you have any ideas please reach out to Michael/Troy or myself.

Also if you are interested in helping out all assistance is welcome. I know personally I am struggling for spare time this year and would love the help.

This is a community event and requires input and assistance from the community to make it happen so now is your opportunity to step in and assist.



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Dec 19, 2021
Western Sydney
I'll look around the Sydney area to see what venues are available.
It may be that we need to hire something at a cost - an indication in this thread of your interest and/or any offers of help would be appreciated - so that we can gauge numbers, which would obviously determine whether such a place would be cost-effective or not.

As Keith mentioned, feel free to reach out to either of us or Troy, or in this thread.



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Dec 13, 2015
Fortunately, LOL I migrated from Sydney in 1986, so cannot help with facilities, however; a couple of ideas at least.
I worked with Tafe for 30 years, it was common practice to have community organisations and in my case vehicle manufacturers to be able to use the facilities eg classrooms at night and weekends. It was seen to be part of our charter as "being a good corporate citizen". Usually there was no charge except for the weekend when it was necessary for a security person to open and close the building and lock the gate. The person to contact those days would have been the principal or whatever they are called now in this new world. If someone has contact with a TAFE Campus perhaps its worth an ask. I realise that the world has changed but we welcomed the opportunity rather than have a $3m facility sitting idle.
I am sure that it would be possible to self cater for lunch and smoko.

Or possibly a community hall, ??