2011 Mini Melbourne


Australian Melbourne Mini

Here lies the details for the 2011 Australian Melbourne Mini.


Dates, Times and The boring detail

Date: June 4-5, 2011

Times: 10am - 5pm Saturday, 9am - 3pm Sunday, Saturday night you can all be social-stars at your own leisure (or if you are interested the Tuppets will be happy to arrange dinner at one of our local nightlife areas or possibly a BBQ at our house which is 5 mins from the venue - may be a bit cold in June.)

LOCATION: CNC Design Pty Ltd, 1K Marine Parade ABBOTSFORD, MELBOURNE 3067 ( our hosts the tuppets ), its just out of the Melbourne CDB. Its 2km NE of Melbourne CBD ( 10 minutes by car, 15 by tram )...Note we have a weird numbering system in the street 1K is 50 m from Nicholson Street on RHS.

COSTS: $A20 per person ( coffee/tea/and all that stuff ), payable in Cash on the day

Forum Discussion: http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,407.0.html

Whats happening

SATURDAY - 4th June
Tuppetsdad8:00 amEarly open for set up
Tuppet9:00 amPancake breakfast

10:00 amMeet & GreetGetting to know you
Tuppet10:30 amPresentationIntroduction to Christmas lighting. LEDs, incandescents and static displays.
Aussiexmas (Geoff)11:00 amDiscussionConstruction products - mini trees,
davidt & AussiePhil11:30 amPresentationIntroduction to computer controlled Christmas lights. Different systems, costs and challenges. DMX vs LOR, compatibility and requirements.
Tuppetsdad, Mrpackethead, Ray Wu, Davidt, et al12:00 pmDemonstrationLights from various vendors on display
12:30 pmLUNCH with ongoing lights demonstration
TimW?1:30 pmDemonstrationVixen 2.x sequencer
Mrpackethead2:00 pmDemonstrationLightShow Pro
Mrpackethead2:30 pmDemonstrationMadrix
3:00 pmAfternoon Tea
wJohn3:30 pmWorkshopSoldering 101 (additional cost)

DiscussionGeneral chat session

4:30 pmDiscussionFM Radio transmission: What you need and the legalities
5:00 pmTradeCar boot sale part 1 - old controllers, wireframes, and old led light sets (no incandesents please)
DINNER (optional and at additional cost)

SUNDAY - 5th June

9:00 amDiscussionImporting lights

9:30 amPresentationPixel strings
AussiePhil10:00 amPresentationSequencing with large channel counts (from 1 to 10,000)
11:00 amMorning Tea
Mrpackethead11:30 amWorkshopBuilding a Mega Tree in 30 minutes
Mrpackethead12:00 pm
12:30 pmBBQ LUNCH
1:00 pmPresentationE1.31 - what is it and what does it have to do with Christmas lights?
Mrpackethead1:45 pmPresentationFrom Mega Tree to Gigaforest

2:30 pmTradeCar boot sale part 2 - old controllers, wireframes, and old led light sets (no incandesents please)
3:00 pmAfternoon Tea
3:15 pmFarewell and clean up

All presenters should note: half hour sessions mean 15 minute presentations - allow time for questions, discussion and setup.


WORKSHOPS: Volunteers still needed for some sessions - see the schedule above. Presenters need to talk for about 10 minutes and be happy to answer questions/facilitate discussion, but don't panic there will be lots of people to help.

FACILITIES: Internet access, Projector, Display area, Meeting room, Kitchen etc.

BOOTSALE: One mans junk is another mans treasure.. Bring along all you unwanted un-used or mis-understood blinky flashy things that you no longer want, and trade / sell / giveaway / swap with all your good friend. Save the ebay and paypal fees!

DISPLAYS: Warehouse area has space for displays so let Tuppets know if you are want to set up anything and we can help (if it's really big we also have electricians on site and three phase).

Who is coming

up to date as of Tuesday 31 May 2011

  1. AussiePhil
  2. Tuppet
  3. Tuppetsdad
  4. Robbo
  5. Mrpackethead
  6. wjohn
  7. Dave
  8. Artzy (Paul)
  9. Bridgette
  10. charltonmick
  11. TimW
  12. DavidT
  13. Klanger
  14. Michael Sullivan
  15. Lithgowlights (Dave)
  16. daunce
  17. Steve
  18. Joekin
  19. Aussiexmas (Geoff)
  20. jeffrae
  21. Brownie (Ben)
  22. AAH (Saturday only)
  23. Angela


  • J
  • piesrule

Event Streaming

Being sorted out..


Stuff would be gratefully accepted for use as prizes / giveaways..

Stellascapes will put up one E16 pixel controller and 8 strings of RGB leds as a starter.
CNC Design will also have a few gifts....

Regards Andrew ( mrpackethead )
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