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Australian Adelaide Mini

The 2012 Adelaide Mini has since concluded. This page remains for reference purposes with links to related wiki articles and USTREAM recorded footage of the mini.

Dates and Times

When: June 23rd, 2012

Costs: FREE (must register beforehand, method of registration to be announced)

Where: Sunnybrae Function Centre, Tikalara Street, Regency Park SA

Forum discussion: http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,1080.0.html

The Day's Rough Guide

Plan is subject to change

TimeActivityRelated Article/Link
Saturday, 23rd June 2012

8:15 amSet UpDoors open for set up
All8:30 amMeet & GreetWelcome to the world of Christmas lighting.
  • This time can also be used to set things up ahead of time (controller demo's, show and tell)
Eric_outback_NT9:00 amBlinkyflashy Demo (no specific controller/brand, no rgb)Introduction to computerised lights (RGB will be later in the day)
  • What you'll need
    • lights
    • computer,
    • controller(s),
    • software,
    • cables for data (commonly cat5) and power,
    • source of power (e.g. SMPS for DC),
    • fm transmitter and/or outdoor speakers so people can hear your show,
    • a source of income.
Wiki: AusChristmasLighting 101
deblen9:20 amHardware/Display ShowcaseHardware: A look into LOR-based lighting control systems.
  • General connectivity steps (PC to LOR dongle to controllers daisy chained, no splits)
  • Dongle options and purpose
  • The more popular controllers - LOR AC(CTB16PC) and LOR DC(CMB16D/QC), etc.
  • Mention of cross compatibility of most LOR hardware with DMX systems (wire adapter required) (only if time; marquisite?)
AussiePhil9:40 amPowerPoint (if available),
Show of hardware options
Hardware: A look into DMX-based traditional lighting control systems. A general connectivity chart, additional hardware explained (USB dongles, etc).
  • Inc. SM24 (DMX 24ch DC), TDMX120 (DMX 120ch DC)


10:00 amMorning Tea/Coffee
AussiePhil10:30 amSequence Software Choices
via Projector
Sequencers: Light-O-Rama S3, LightShowPro 2, Vixen 3, LightFactory, Nutcracker, PixelToy, Madrix
  • Basic introduction to each sequencer
  • Pros and cons of each choice relative to each other
Wiki: Software
marquisite12:15 pmSequence Software Demo
via Projector
Sequencer: Light-O-Rama S3 - The Visualiser
  • A run through of the visualiser, brand new for LOR S3
  • How to use the visualiser efficiently (e.g. controller/channels first, then use LOR reference channels)

12:30 pmLUNCH
Eric_outback_NT1:30 pmPowerPoint Presentation
via Projector
Introduction to RGB by FastEddy
  • What is RGB? Colour mixing vs Colour changing
  • The differences between 3-channel RGB and intelligent/digital RGB
  • The form factors - strips, strings, floods.
Wiki: RGB_vs_Pixels#DC-Digital
AussiePhil2:00 pmPowerPoint Presentation
via Projector
Introduction to E1.31 by FastEddy
  • What is E1.31 and why is it useful for RGB lighting?
Wiki: E1.31
AussiePhil2:30 pmHardware ShowcaseA show and tell of the types of RGB lights and/or hardware - the cheaper more DIY form of RGB
  • Hardware - PIXAD8, DR4, TigerPB, etc.
  • Another run of a suitable sequencer (LSP2,Vixen3,LF,etc) but this time with focus intelligent RGB lighting control

3:00 pmAfternoon Tea/Coffee
marquisite3:30 pmPowerPoint Presentation
via Projector
FM Radio transmission:
  • The various types of transmitters available (EDM, Vastelec, Wholehouse, etc)
  • All about the legalities with ACMA (maximum power, using an empty frequency) and APRA (free narrowcasting licence)
Wiki: FM Transmitters FM Broadcasting
Grant_VK5GR3:45 pmCamera DemoTips for capturing the best of your Christmas display on video
All4:00 pmShow & TellShow off workshop (display videos, plus live demos if brought along)
5:00 pmFinish


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