Power Injection


Power injection is an important part of the hobby to understand, Although it may be difficult at first with a bit of reading and practice its alot easier than it may appear.

As a general guide power should be injected into a pixel string at approximately every 50 pixels.
Ideally power injection should be added at the end of a pixel string as well. This is more critical with 5V pixels. Doubling up conductors will allow the use of smaller cable sizes (higher AWG numbers). If for example a 6 core security cable is used for power as well as data then 3 conductors should be used for 0V, 2 for 5V/12V and 1 for data. If the pixel type requires data and clock then 2 conductors would be used for 0V. Security cable would only really be suitable for short cable runs like at the base of a mega tree. For long cable runs like along rooflines etc heavy duty figure 8 speaker cable is recommended.

When using multiple power supplies please remember to "Link/Loop" all the grounds of Psus as the data supply also uses the ground wire to transfer and receive.


Power Injection is made a little easier by using a F8 Distro board from Falcon Christmas. This board has "8" ports for allowing injection to 8 different locations/props/strings or strips. These are aimed to work with a 1- 30amp Power supply


Power Injection T's.
You can also purchase splitter T's, These go inbetween your 3/4 core pigtails to split power and ground to allow for injection.

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