RGB Strip

This page will gives a basic rundown of RGB Strip and possible mounting options. For a more comprehensive and visual version, check out the AusChristmasLighting 101.


Dumb RGB

  • Controlled with a DC dimmer, commonly referred to on AusChristmasLighting as a DMX controller.
  • Consists of four wires, one for the red colour, one for green, and one for blue. The forth wire is a common positive (+) wire.
  • When connecting to DC dimmers with a + connection on each channel, the dumb rgb common + need only be connected to the + of one of the three used channels.
  • Most commonly 12v DC, cuttable every three leds.
  • Available in varying densities (smaller/larger spacing between leds), most commonly 30L/m or 60L/m.

Intelligent RGB

  • Controlled with a compatible pixel controller, usually E1.31 based but can sometimes be DMX based (maximum controllable pixel quantity is 170).
  • Consists of three or four wires, depending on the IC type. Two wires are for V+ and Gnd (power supply), and one wire is for data. The fourth wire, if present, varies from IC to IC but may be data related (e.g. clock, backup data) or power related (a second V+ with a different voltage).
  • Some common IC types are:
    1. WS2811, 3-wire 8-bit, 12V
    2. WS2812B, 3-wire, 8-bit, 5V
    3. WS2801, 4-wire, 8-bit, 12V
    4. LPD6803, 4-wire, 5-bit (fewer colour possibilities)
  • Typically available in 5v DC (cuttable every 1 leds) and 12v DC (cuttable every 3 leds) but there are exceptions.
  • Available in varying densities (smaller/larger spacing between leds).

Mounting Options


File Strip_on_conduit.jpg
  • Versatile
  • You'll need a supply of cable zip ties
  • Repairs are difficulty and you'll need to cut off the cable zip ties


  • Great for horizontal straight lines
  • Easy to remove strip for maintenance & repair
  • Pricey
  • Available from Bunnings in 3 metre lengths (polycarbonate roofing section)
  • UV resistent (shouldn't brown in the summer sun)
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