RGB Strip

This page will gives a basic rundown of RGB Strip and possible mounting options. For a more comprehensive and visual version, check out the AusChristmasLighting 101.


Dumb RGB

  • Controlled with a DC dimmer, commonly referred to on AusChristmasLighting as a DMX controller.
  • Consists of four wires, one for the red colour, one for green, and one for blue. The forth wire is a common positive (+) wire.
  • When connecting to DC dimmers with a + connection on each channel, the dumb rgb common + need only be connected to the + of one of the three used channels.
  • Most commonly 12v DC, cuttable every three leds.
  • Available in varying densities (smaller/larger spacing between leds), most commonly 30L/m or 60L/m.

Intelligent RGB

  • Controlled with a compatible pixel controller, usually E1.31 based but can sometimes be DMX based (maximum controllable pixel quantity is 170).
  • Consists of three or four wires depending on the IC type. Two wires are for DC+ and DC- power supply. One wire is for data, and the fourth wire if present is for clock.
  • The most common IC types are:
    1. WS2811, 3-wire 8-bit and compatible with WS2812B
    2. WS2812B, 3-wire, 8-it and compatible with WS2811
    3. WS2801, 4-wire, 8-bit
    4. LPD6803, 4-wire, 5-bit (fewer colour possibilities)
  • Available in 5v DC (cuttable every 1 leds) and 12v DC (cuttable every 3 leds).
  • Available in varying densities (smaller/larger spacing between leds).

Mounting Options


  • Versatile
  • You'll need a supply of cable zip ties
  • Repairs are difficulty and you'll need to cut off the cable zip ties


  • Great for horizontal straight lines
  • Easy to remove strip for maintenance & repair
  • Pricey
  • Available from Bunnings in 3 metre lengths (polycarbonate roofing section)
  • UV resistent (shouldn't brown in the summer sun)

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