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    Wiring and Fuses

    HI Al The purpose of the fuse is to protect the cable your using in the event of a fault. so in this case yes you should fuse the busbar supply cables. Again the fuse is there to protect the cable, you need to use a fuse that is less than the current carrying capacity of the cable but high...
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    [Pre-move] Discussion re AusChristmasLighting new forum software

    Ive seen other forums have like a "Reputation" score based on likes and dislikes on members posts. It works well as it gets rid of all the "Well I've never done it but heres my opinion on how you should do it" posts that some like to do to boost up their post counts. It also helps separate the...
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    Boscoyo strip

    I wouldnt mind having a squiz at it too. Is the bulk buy still on for the strip? According to the buy post he couldnt find a shipper for the strip so was only doing individual orders. At least that what it read like, a bit confusing....
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    Experience with Neon Flex Tubing

    Yes I built my faces using single colour neon strip. Looks good, is not the easiest to work with as its a PITA to fix/mount. but overall it did what I wanted. Looking at your link I'm not sure how flexible that one would be? especially if it has strip in it. The stuff I used could bend any way...
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    Melbourne/Vic Victorian mini for 2017 6th-7th May

    Hopefully I'll get to this one.... ;D Just make sure the doors are unlocked.... :P
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    New ws2811 strip issues

    12v 30/10 mines all white but covered with coro strips anyway.
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    New ws2811 strip issues

    Yeah I have 12 rolls of the crap, all from Ben Brown and none of it works in conjunction with any of my existing strip. How many rolls can you spare Rowan? I haven't been able to run my display yet as I have no roof section?
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    New ws2811 strip issues

    no theres no backup data line
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    New ws2811 strip issues

    Ive replaced some of my roof lines with some new strip purchased from Ben Brown. Every time I replaced a section,It would work ok on the ground then fail when put back up on the roof. So after some testing Ive worked out that the strip works OK straight from a controller (P2 in this case)...
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    3D Print Designing Software

    I Use openSCAD & FreeCAD
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    Pixel software - going to build some lkeaping arches

    I would suggest having a gander at these tutorials. They'll tell you all you need to know to get up and running. There are no quick easy answers in this game, you have to put in the hours and hours of learning and reading and melting wires and magic smoke.......... only then will you be ready...
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    Hello from Cranbourne Victoria.

    Botanic Ridge Lights on the Ridge
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    Hello from Cranbourne Victoria.

    Another local, good to see. I'd be happy to show you my setup. youve also got djgraham in Cranny as well.
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    Release 2016.51 xLights released, PRODUCTION! Some major performance improvements

    I believe he was too ;) as Avast has since reported the file to be clean........ Not that he believed Avast in the first place.
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    Weekly open session

    Id be keen as Im switching to xlights this year...