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    extending a wifi signal

    You may find that if you are just in range of the weaker signal the device may hold onto this instead of switching to the stronger signal. A quick wifi on/off or disconnect/reconnect on the device usually fixes this.
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    Wifi Issues

    I've experienced what Allan is describing regarding LOR 'crashing wifi' when the listener is open and no controls connected. However if your problem is occuring when your show computer or pi is off then I'd say time for a new piece of network hardware. If you don't have the issues when using...
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    Botched microsoft update - outlook forced into safe mode

    Thanks for the heads dad's outlook got stuck in safe mode today and your post pointed me straight to the fix.
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    Easy light linker in Australia ?

    If you're running E1.31 rather than LOR Network or pure DMX then just use decent quality wifi access points setup as point to point link. [/size] [/size]I am presently using this method to control the lights on the house across the road from me. I bought two of these however they are probably...
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    Big Bang times 4 - creating new universes

    You cannot mix long range and local outputs with the PixLite. It is either a normal controller or one that uses only the long range receivers. Have a look at the advatek website and see what makes sense for you. As mentioned, many people need to use a null pixel as a data repeater to span the...
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    Big Bang times 4 - creating new universes

    I shouldn't play favorites however I have had 0 issues with any of the PixLites I have thus far. I think they automatically select the speed or similar? Anyways, in order for your questions I have LOR boards which run on Native DMX out of my PixLite, so yes, you still need DMX, however many...
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    Big Bang times 4 - creating new universes

    E1.31 would be the preferred (and much more expandable in the future!) way to go. Also avoid numerous cables coming out of your house from your computer and allows usage of show players (e.g. Falcon Pi Player) in the future. If you have two DMX -> SPI boxes you're good for ~340 pixels, which...
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    rgb leaping arches controller confusion

    Have you enabled LOR to actually output to the lights? Your probably best setting up your USB adapter and arch in Xlights to check everything is talking as you can easily get decent output happening for RGB lights with it. There is also a comprehensive manual on the Xlights website (Google...
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    Big Bang times 4 - creating new universes

    DMX controllers do not know what universe they are on, as such each DMX output (or in your case, USB Adapter) can only handle one universe of output. What are you adding that is using so many universes? If it is pixel based you will probably use E1.31 and then hence you don't need to worry...
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    ECG-P2 - Is it fried beyond repair?

    Thanks for the advise, will get a replacement regulator and give it a go. Hopefully it'll work! I think it is this one looks like the correct part:
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    ECG-P2 - Is it fried beyond repair?

    Thanks for the quick reply. The Pic32 chip looks ok to me, however the smaller one that is in your 2nd picture appears damaged. Pics below...
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    ECG-P2 - Is it fried beyond repair?

    Was putting together a controller box with my P2 and powered it up without checking the jumpers (careless, I know) Jumpers were set to receive 7-40v on the power input and then output 5v to the pixels (was used to run one of Alans 2811 boards last year). I was setting up the box to run 12v...
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    Newbie getting into pixels.

    Strictly for one, no, however you're sure to add more soon! You should also be able to run the LOR controllers off the DMX output of the PixLite to reduce cables running from your computer. You can save a few $$ on the switch and go for something like this which is will work equally as well...
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    Adding pixels to my current LOR setup

    This is exactly what I did last year (starting with LOR controllers and adding pixels). A simple setup could be cable from computers ethernet port to a PixLite 16, which will accept the E1.31 signal and output the pixel data to the connected lights, and then convert the data it receives for...
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    Garden power points & network cable

    You can get interference between network and 240v cabling, however I haven't experienced this. I think it would become more of an issue when you are pushing the length limits with the network cabling or a drop in speed may occur. The magnetic field size increases with higher current so it may be...