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    GS8208 LED Strip

    Which version of the ESPixelStick hardware did you test with?
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    Release Vixen 3.5 Now Available

    The annual release of Vixen is now available. Version 3.5 brings many new and exciting features. Custom Prop Editor: Create custom props for all those irregular items like snowflakes, stockings, faces, etc. Save these props as files and share between users. Supports importing xModel files as...
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    Release Vixen 3.4 Now Available

    Vixen 3.4 is now officially released as the 2017 major stable release. Over 150 items have been fixed or enhanced in this year's release. Here's some of the highlights. New inline Gradient and Curve editors. You can now edit gradients and curves directly in the effect editor pane. Batch...
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    Cemetery Crosses

    I went thru a similar R&D process 2 years ago. I documented it on There's two threads search "my glow room" and "better outdoor blacklight". I never succeeded in finding a good UV white except for the wildfire optic white. Very expensive but it's the only thing I cole fine...
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    A better way to drive LED panels in Christmas displays

    I don't know if I'd say this is the future of driving panels. It's the long established standard. I've been using these cards (and their previous generation predecessors) for over 10 years now. The "new" thing is that they're finally at a price point where DIY folks can start playing with...
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    A better way to drive LED panels in Christmas displays

    Re: Where do we go next? Yes this is certainly possible. And they can be any variety of panel types. One panel type per receiver card. the sending card sends out the video for the whole display. each receiver card is responsible for grabbing it's section of the picture and formatting it...
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    Release Vixen 3.3u2 Now available

    One week before many of us start our shows, and we've released our final official release for the year. This version is mostly bug fixes and minor enhancements. There's no major breaking changes in this release. If you are in the 3.3 series already, this is a safe and simple upgrade that will...
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    Release Vixen 3.3 Now Available

    Vixen 3.3 is now available. General • New effect layering system. Effects can now be assigned to layers. Multiple layers can be defined per sequence. Each layer has a user definable combining filter. Effects now combine at the sequence...
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    Release Vixen 3.2 Update 2 Released

    We released Update #2 today for Vixen 3.2. This release corrects a number of bugs found since 3.2u1. If you're already running 3.2 or 3.2u1 it's a good idea to install this update. The most notable fixes are related to GUI presentation problems (missing buttons, etc) on high res monitors...
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    3.x Vixen 3 on Windows 10

    UPDATE: Vixen appears to now work Windows 10. It appears that Microsoft may have identified and corrected the issues that have been causing the Vixen issues on .net Framework 4.6 on Windows 10. This fix was included in the September 30 mandatory Cumulative Update. (CU 7 KB3093266). This...
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    3.x Vixen 3 on Windows 10

    This problem is a known bug in 3.2 it should have been fixed in 3.2u1. However a uninstall or simply deleting the vixen folder in program files before reinstalling will fix the problem. The problem was that here was still an old unused file in the folder that didn't get deleted on upgrade.
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    3.x Vixen 3 on Windows 10

    Sorry guys. I always forget to post over here. Thanks Dave for cross posting for us. This issue is a tricky one to nail down because the profiling tools we're using doesn't handle .net 4.6 yet. MS built some new tools into the newer visual studio but we haven't moved vixen to that platform yet...
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    Release Vixen 3.2 now available

    Vixen 3.2 is finally ready and available for download at Highlights for the new version can be found at Enjoy!
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    3.x Vixen 3.2 in final testing

    Vixen 3.2 is now in final testing! We strive to make Vixen 3 the fastest and easiest sequencer in the community. We've been working since November on a long list of improvements, both big and small. They've finally all been brought together and polished up and we're getting ready to release...
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    Release Vixen 3.1 Released

    This is a bug fix release. There's a few small features in here, but it's mostly fixing bugs. Vixen Release Notes – 3.1 (update 2) Features Preview * Added an option to use the selection box as CAD Style (VIX-617) o When ON, dragging right to left selections any effects within the box. o...