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    ACL Stability

    Tried logging in to forum and chat at 8:30pm Eastern Time ... i'm in Canada ... site was down. Came online here about 9:30pm
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    F16v2 Pixel Controller beta is now open.

    Dave, I am in Canada but would very much like to be part of the beta! I used the link but could not order. Thanks
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    1000 12mm Pixels for US$261 - free shipping = 26c/pixel

    Nice find. Tell me, are there C9 caps available for these type of pixels? Also, i am thinking these are perfect (strings) for the roof line, but i see so many people switching to LED strips instead. I suppose i should ask in a different thread but is there any big advantage over one or the...
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    Infinity mirror

    i have an arduino doing nothing right now and a few strips of dump RGB lights. what type of mirrors would i need? do you have any info on the box construction? yours looks awesome! thanks!
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    what are these connectors called?

    AdaFruit sells them or something very similar here:
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    2015 Plans - Evans Christmas Lights

    Re: 2015 Plans this might help a little bit for a starter Graham:
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    pixlite4 E1.31 to LOR help

    time to get out the tape measure gnatman ;)
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    Landscape lighting transformers

    thanks Superman i wasn't planning on purchasing and using them for any new install, i was thinking about using what i already have installed (which would be a great location) and using them to inject power to the DC seasonal stuff
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    Landscape lighting transformers

    i install landscape lighting the transformers are typically 12V or 15V AC selectable. as an example: is it possible to somehow use these outputs to deliver power to the 5V or 12V RGB...
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    thanks for the warm welcome. (pun intended for Christmas Aussies and Kiwis) i would like to add that i have never been south of the equator. although i have pretty much circumvented the northern one. the fact is, i livesmack dab on the 45th parallel - give or take - depending where i am when i...
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    What is the "Perfect" tree?

    David_AVD and i were having a chat at bar in the chatroom (i know at least one of us was having a rum and egg nog) and looking for the aesthetics of the perfect christmas tree. we knew 2:1 was a bit skinny maybe, and that 1:1 was too fat for even Santa to hide behind. i found this ...
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    Noob Question regarding controllers

    i suspect the difference is a soldering iron and your ability/desire to apply heat and pressure to circuit boards. i'm new too, and as confident as i am with heat, solder and circuit boards, i'm going to buy my first board assembled and tested. i know i will need more than one, so i might go...
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    Hello fellow blinky freaks :) I've been trolling around the forum and tossing a few back in the chat room ... and realized i haven't introduced myself in the "New Members Lounge" i'm steve, and i am Canadian ... and i'm wading in the deep muddy of the blinky forest ... and i've learned SO...
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    Bluzer's Display

    that is frickin' brilliant Bluzer!
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    Bluzer's Display

    Bluzer, what are your icicles? are the 110V or DC? are they dimmable? the display and sequencing is done extremely well!