1. Merlin

    Thai of Melbourne

    I am Thai of Melbourne. Friend's xmas lights were impressive. Resistance has been futile. Zero experience. No shed/garage. Few hand tools. Year 1 goal: 3m mega tree. Will retro post xmas 2021 and then go from there! Secured a few pieces, including Ray Wu 12v regulated lights, 3x Meanwells, a...
  2. JCooper

    Help! Beaglebone with HE123 flashing all lights

    Hi legends. I have a Hanson HE123 with a Beaglebone black. Everything was running smoothly until yesterday, when all the lights went flashing (glitchy flashing). The only thing i had done differently was let it run all day as the BBB has a issue booting sometimes. I thought it might have been...
  3. JCooper

    Beaglebone black ethernet (eth0) not working

    Hi Guys, I have just started playing around with pixels and have a beagebone black cape (Hanson HE123). I have flashed the beaglebone emmc with FPP and everything works fine when connected with USB ( But, when I connect it directly to the computer or via a router, the beaglebone...
  4. AAH

    Longer range options

    I have a couple of boards for extending pixel range beyond the typical 3-10m you can get from a typical pixel controller to pixel connection. The 2 types are my "Null" which is simply a buffer that works inline with any 3 wire pixel data and gives a fairly typical 10m or so extension of the...
  5. AAH

    HE123-4T HE123-RX Long range pixels

    I've now got the HE123-RX back in stock. What it does is connect to the HE123-TX or HE123-4T and gives the option to extend 4 WS2811 pixel outputs by up to 100m. The HE123-4T connects to a pixel controller, pixel tester/s or connects part of the way through a pixel run. The connection is via...