Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2024 - June 1/2

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Event date
Saturday, Jun 1, 2024 Sunday, Jun 2, 2024
Registration deadline
Sunday, May 26, 2024
Maximum guests
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K Kent 1
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Crazy elf
Global moderator
Generous elf
Dec 19, 2021
Western Sydney
Some updates for everyone-

Payment Information
The cost of attending the mini will be AUD $50 per head which must be paid by Monday May 27th. This money covers the cost of food and drinks during the days of the mini and is not refundable once paid.
If you decide you wish to participate in the F-Prop build session, this is an additional $55 per head.
This is to be paid via PayPal Family & Friends transfer.

Facebook Messenger
If you are not in the Facebook Messenger chat group for the mini and would like to be reach out to myself and I will add you in. We are all easily findable via the ACL Facebook group.

The agenda is in the first post if you've missed it.

Required Contact Details
The venue, being a corporate office, requires all names to be listed with the security office, as well as email address and phone number. This will be gathered as part of the registration process.

Name Tags
In similar style to last year, @Bernie_H is graciously donating his time to make us some fantastic name badges. There are two lines that can be populated - the default will be your ACL Username and your First Name. Please advise us if you'd prefer to have your show name or other details listed.

I will shortly contact all registrants to finalise details on the above - name tags, contact details, payment information & build session participation.
Please keep an eye out for either an ACL Private Message or Facebook message from me.

As usual, please reach out if there are any questions.


New elf
Feb 11, 2022
having trouble answering you through ACL private message
I had a problem replying to the private message and it turned out that it was because I included a link to my facebook profile and the forum thought it was spam. When I removed that the message went through.


Crazy elf
Global moderator
Generous elf
Dec 19, 2021
Western Sydney
Hi everyone,

A reminder to folks who have registered & haven't paid - details have all been sent out via ACL private message. Please reach out to me directly if you did not receive this message.
Also in that message is gathering of contact details for Woolworths Security, F-Prop build session participation, and name tag details for Bernie. Please get back to me ASAP there so that we can finalise the registration.

For those who are considering coming who havent yet registered - please RSVP above - registration closes in two weeks, which includes reception of payment.

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Noel Richards

Full time elf
Dec 16, 2016
77 Watkin Ave Woy Woy
Hi all,

An update on the "Project X" build session.
Now that it has been released to market, we can now reveal that we are presenting the F-Prop by PixelController as the basis for the prop build.
The session will be an introduction of what it does and how it does it (by Keith) and then an hour and half of assembling and programming it.

The prop selected is a mini Christmas tree, which will hold 49 pixels. An ultrasonic distance sensor will drive the interactivity within the prop and the tree will respond to various actions and inputs from the distance sensor. The F-Prop is the brains behind this to make it all work.

View attachment 25793View attachment 25794View attachment 25795

You will receive:
  • 1x F-Prop controller, valued at $48 USD (~$72AUD)
  • 1x string of 50 pixels for the prop. There will be a mix of 5V and 12V available
  • 1x Christmas Tree prop approx 23 x 30cm in size.
  • 1x Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Misc connecting cables to complete assembly.
The total value of the above is around $100 AUD, so you are getting an amazing deal with this being only $55 AUD on top of the attendance fee.

I will be reaching out to all registrants in regards to whether they wish to include this as part of their attendance.
Mike I will attend can I please by a spare as well.


Full time elf
Nov 7, 2020
I have just indicated my attendance (Apologies, I have been travelling and just catching up).
Unfortunately, I can't make dinner or Sunday.
Put me down for the F-Prop build as well please.