The APC740 controller accepts DMX input and transmits on/off control codes to Doss and Jackson branded RF remote controlled power points.

The sales and support thread can be found here.


  • P-DMX or separate DC input (12V - 36V)
  • 433MHz transmitter on-board
  • PCB size is 51mm x 51mm
  • Supplied fully built and tested
  • Upgradeable firmware (via ICSP header)

DC Input

If you want to power the APC740 from a separate DC supply, remove the "P-DMX" jumper next to the RJ45 socket. Feed the external DC into the 2 pin green terminal block. The polarity is marked on the rear of the PCB.

DMX Input

There are two RJ45 connectors for DMX input / through. They are wired in parallel so it makes no difference which one is used as input. The RJ45 pinout is per the ESTA standard with the addition of pins 4+5 being connected together to allow use in P-DMX systems.


The termination ("TERM") jumper is next to one of the RJ45 sockets. Leave this jumper on if the board is the last (or only) one in the wiring chain (only one socket used). Remove it if the board is in the middle of the wiring chain (both sockets used).


There are a small green LED on the PCB. It flashes slowly during normal operation.

Start Channel

When you receive your APC740, it will be set to DMX start channel 1 on DIP switches 1 to 9. You can change the DMX start address during operation.

See the DMX address setting page for more detail.

Doss / Jackson Mode

DIP switch 10 selects between Doss or Jackson mode. With switch 10 off, the APC740 will output Doss formatted data. With switch 10 on, the APC740 will output Jackson formatted data.

DMX Channels

The Doss branded remote power points have 4 channels. The Jackson branded ones have 8 channels.

  • DMX channel 1 = Remote switch 1 ON
  • DMX channel 2 = Remote switch 1 OFF
  • DMX channel 3 = Remote switch 2 ON
  • DMX channel 4 = Remote switch 2 OFF
  • DMX channel 5 = Remote switch 3 ON
  • DMX channel 6 = Remote switch 3 OFF
  • DMX channel 7 = Remote switch 4 ON
  • DMX channel 8 = Remote switch 4 OFF

Channels below only apply when DIP switch 10 is on (Jackson mode).

  • DMX channel 9 = Remote switch 5 ON
  • DMX channel 10 = Remote switch 5 OFF
  • DMX channel 11 = Remote switch 6 ON
  • DMX channel 12 = Remote switch 6 OFF
  • DMX channel 13 = Remote switch 7 ON
  • DMX channel 14 = Remote switch 7 OFF
  • DMX channel 15 = Remote switch 8 ON
  • DMX channel 16 = Remote switch 8 OFF


See APC740/Updating

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