Singing Face

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Singing Faces are a great addition to your Christmas Light Show and can be purchased or manufactured in a variety of styles and faces. The following are a few examples.

Singing faces 'sing along' to the current song by synchronising the mouth movements using the lyrics from the song. This can be achieved by using Papagayo or within xLights itself using timing tracks. There are also several vendors who sell ready made singing face sequences.

Corflute (Coro)

There are two main styles of singing faces using Coro.
  1. Using a flat sheet of Coro with holes, in required outline, through which lights (usually pixel nodes or M5 LEDs) are fitted. Examples are the ChromaCharacters Boscoyo Studio sells, other vendors sell similar, or you could design and make your own.
  2. Using two sheets of Coro cut into the required outline, with pixels fitted in between the two sheets. See example in video below:


On a Matrix or "MegaTree"

Animated GIFs are used to produce the required effect.

Wire Frame

Generally manufactured from thin tube (often aluminium for light weight and durability) welded into various shapes, Singing Christmas Trees being quite popular. Using either pixel nodes, M5 LED lights or neon/led rope lights attached to the frame. A company in Brisbane has a selection christmascreations, there are several companies in USA who also manufacture them, such as Wire Frame D'Lites or you can build them yourself.

Tree Face template

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