House Outline

With RGB strip

Mounting on conduit

File Strip_on_conduit.jpg One method of achieving a straight line with RGB strip is to zip tie it onto electrical conduit. Conduit is cheap and easily sourced from hardware stores. Repairing or replacing strips requires cutting off the zip ties.

Mounting in Endcap

Another method for making straight lines with RGB strip is to buy Clear Endcap, which is found at Bunnings in the Polycarbonate roofing section. Endcaps come in 3 metre lengths but can be shortened with a hacksaw or snip tool. Endcap is not as cheap as conduit and at times you may need to visit several Bunning stores for larger quantities. The Endcap approach looks clean and neat during the day and is UV treated - something to consider if you intend on leaving them installed year-around around windows or other areas.

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With RGB strings

There is a couple of ways to mount RGB strings on conduit for a house outline,

One way is to cable tie the strings to the conduit, This can be time consuming and take alot of effort to get straight

Another is to make a drill jig to use with a pedestal drill like the one pictured to drill through the conduit and to push the pixels through. This can be purchased online from Rainy Oregon Christmas, or similar ones can be made in a DIY form and can be made adjustable to different spacing.

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