Mega Tree

There are many ways to build a mega tree, from the 'traditional way' with shop-bought LED strings to the pixel way with either pixel strips or pixel nodes (strings).

Mega Tree using shop-bought strings

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Mega Tree using pixel strip

There is many ways to build a mega tree using RGB strips. The main factor to consider when using RGB is to avoid twisting of the strips which will damage them, and to keep them tensioned so they all align evenly. A couple of strip mounting ideas are:

Electrical conduit

A good rigid way for a mega tree, a 2d tree would be ideal in this situation.

Pallet strapping or wire

Another one is pallet strapping or wire strung from top to bottom with a good tension. NOTE: Pet strapping example, with nodes not RGB strips.

Mega Tree using pixel node strings

Some people prefer mega trees to have consistent direction and spacing between pixel nodes and others like a more random. Some building methods will be more/less suitable for your preference.

Boscoyo pixel node mounting strip

Boscoyo Studio pixel node mounting strip is good for consistent node spacing. Available in black/white from (product page)
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