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    CCR ribbon Blue Green switched

    Hi, I have purchased a couple of ribbons of Ray Wu that were suggested as alternatives to work with the Cosmic Color Ribbon control boxes. I have wired these up and indeed they do work except the blue and green seem to be opposite to the original LOR CCR's. Is there some way of switching the...
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    Boscoyo 3 Tier Arch

    Hi, Does anyone have any advise on building a model for a 3 tier arch in xlights. Thank you
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    Closed Boscoyo Studio Bulk Buy 1 of 2017 - CLOSED

    Just wondering if there will be another bulk buy this year?
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    Announcing the PixLite 16 Long Range MkII Presale!

    Hi, Just wondering if the pre-sale is still on for the long range board mark II. If not how much will it now cost? Cheers
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    LOR Pixel Edit

    Hi, Has anyone tried displaying video with the new LOR Pixel Editor. Would love some hints on how to do it. I have just built a 74 x 30 pixel matrix. Cheers
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    Pixel Clips

    Thanks all I have just ordered 600 clips from Christmas Creations. Still need to find some clips that will work with flat bar frames if anyone has any ideas. Cheers
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    Pixel Clips

    Hi, Has anyone seen the PIXCLIP clips from Seasonal Entertainment or anything similar. I have dozens of old ropelight wire frames I wish to wire up with Smart Pixels. The PIXCLIPS look perfect for this task, however they will not ship until October, too late to get ready for this...
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    Sydney/NSW Sydney Mini 2015 booked in for May 23-24

    Re: Sydney Mini 2015 booked in for 23-24th of May please let me know if your coming Hi Ben, Had a great time at the Christmas Mini. We both really enjoyed the 2 days. Learnt so much. Really inspired us for this years display. Can't wait for the next Mini. Cheers Kevin & Brett
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    What acrylic tube does

    Hi Michael, Got our 2 tubes home to Gosford from the Mini. Love them. I'd like to purchase another 2 if possible. Please let me know and when would be a good time for collection. We are pretty flexible. Cheers
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    What acrylic tube does

    Hi Michael, What day of the Mini will you bring the tubes? I will drive in on that day rather than using light rail. Cheers.
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    What acrylic tube does

    Hi Michael, Thanks for getting back to me. I have decided that I will only need two tubes and it would be great if I could pick them up at the Sydney mini. See you there. Cheers
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    What acrylic tube does

    Hi, The tubes look fantastic. I would be interested in purchasing 4 tubes if you still have any available. If so could you please advise me of pricing and pickup options. Cheers
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    Flame effect on candles

    Hi, I've just added 4 six foot candles to my display. Each candle has 16 nodes in the body and 4 nodes in the wick. A string length of 20 nodes is used for each candle. In nutcracker I have set up my models as 4 candle bodies and 4 wicks. This should allow me to run a continue flame effect...
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    The Preview tab

    Hi, Your are correct I had created it as an animation. Have now changed to a music sequence and every thing is running beautifully. Thank you for assistance.
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    The Preview tab

    Hi, Just started playing around with Xlights/Nutcracker and have come across my first hurdle. I have set up a megatree with 4800 channels, 4 candy canes each using 48 channels and 4 candles with separate models for the wicks. The candles use 60 channels for each candle body and 12 channels...