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    Custom Model channel numbering with dumb RGBs

    Looking for a likely quick & easy answer regarding creating a Custom Model. I have a four leaf clover, each leaf has 50 dumb RGBs, each string of which comes from a different output from a 27 channel dmx RGB controller. When adding the info to the Custom Model window, should I be using a bunch...
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    Transmitting and new digital radios

    I don't have any delay issues, but I definitely have signal clarity issues between two cars. In one car I can hear the music crystal clear for two blocks, in my other car I have static even right in front of the house with the exception of a few very specific parking spots.
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    Help programming ESPixelStick and Renard ESPWiFi

    Hello all! I purchased one each of the ForkInEye EsPixelStick and Renard Plus EspWifi Pixel Controller, and I'm completely lost... which is not a good feeling My problem is that I have zero experience with Arduino programming... I don't know what 'flashing' or a 'sketch' is or how to use them...
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    SMS Messaging Application - Send SMS's to your Display

    Hello all! I am aware of the blacklist & whitelist, but I'm wondering if there is a way for the app to send me the message first, preferably to my cell phone, then I can personally reply back to approve or deny the requested text. Even with the blacklist of all the bad words, I definitely...
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    Wireless pixel controllers

    Sorry if a duplicate post, but I couldn't find any that were recent anyway. Looking for some advice in transitioning some ethernet cables to wireless in a few areas of my property. Currently running an E1.31 network out of LOR and have roughly 20 controllers; J1Sys ECG-P, AlphaPix, and a few 27...
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    Is Ray Wu's shop still the best place for pixels?

    Yes, absolutely! I purchase a lot from HolidayCoro. Not sure who his supplier is, but as a US resident, you can't beat his shipping times, prices, services, and support. He usually does a huge pre-season bulk deal, but for 2017 that has already happened, so you'll probably be paying regular...
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    dumb RGB module power injection

    I mocked up a quick little illustration. Basically I'm wondering if this attached example is an OK way to hook up. I'd like to prevent running extensions of 4 wires when I could potentially just run one (power), but of course want to make sure this way is safe. I've bench tested both ways and...
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    dumb RGB module power injection

    I'm running a string of about 100 dumb RGB 12v rectangular modules and need to inject power every 40 modules or so. My question is can I just run a single wire to inject additional power (same power supply and/or RGB amplifier) directly to the 12V+ wire and continue the R, G, B negatives from...
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    Light Show Bro - 2016 full show

    Finally, here is the recording of the full 2016 Light Show Bro sequenced musical light show in Sparks, Nevada, USA (there is a link in the video description to the behind-the-scenes walk-thru as well. 2016 awesome musical Christmas light show ( - YouTube
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    Light Show Bro - 2016 behind the scenes walk-thru

    Here is the behind the scenes walk through of the 2016 Light Show Bro sequenced musical light show in Sparks, Nevada, USA. LightShowBro - 2016 behind the scenes - YouTube
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    LED Blossom Tree Spares ?

    I haven't tried it personally yet, but I've been contemplating using a clear UV resistant spray on my pixel modules. Maybe someone else has experience with this?? I was thinking Spar Varathane...
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    General frusteration venting post

    That would be amazing!!
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    General frusteration venting post

    I just spend 2 straight hours diagnosing weird flickering in my pixels while testing through xLights. I tried different speed settings, different power injection points, different cable connections, etc. After 2 hours, I see such a simple little annoying solution... Any guesses? LOR Comm...
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    Looking for WiFi controller & app for Dumb RGB lights

    Hello! I'm looking for any recommendations for one of the two following setups for a whole house roof line lighting project using about 6 drops (totalling abount 165') of 12V DUMB RGB modules. The whole house will always change to the same color, so I don't need different 'zones'. I want to be...
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    SpEx matrix effect generator general release 2.1.0

    Since updating from Win 7 to Win 10 I can no longer launch SpEX. Any ideas? Vegomatic launches and runs just fine, but SpEX does nothing. At first I got a Windows SmartScreen error, so I disabled that and still no luck. I tried running normally and 'Run As Administrator' both with the same...