Sydney/NSW 2018 NSW Mini at Picton - May 26-27

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Saturday, May 26, 2018 Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Dedicated elf
Global moderator
May 2, 2010
Ok Guys and Gals.

lets get the creative juices flowing and come up with a list of things we want to talk about at the 2018 NSW mini and who would like to volunteer to do a presentation. you do not have to be a world class presenter. we are amongst mates.

lets hear what everyone wants to learn and share about.
please Register your interest above.

Mini date: May 26- 27th
Cost: $10 per day this will cover lunch and drinks

Saturday BBQ - bunnings style :D
Sunday Hamburgers

Wiki page (time table etc):


each talk section will go for 15 mins and have 15 mins for questions.

those looking for accomodation
To get a discount on accomodation you will have to ring (02) 46772121 when you book just say Your a ACL members for the mini , You have to ring direct though as Drakky can't discount if you book online

people who are staying overnight or not ,but here's menu's we have had a change of hands in the restaurant the food and prices are now much better,
Dinner is available Tuesday to Saturday nights and Breakfast/Lunch Saturday and Sunday's

and for those that are bringing caravans

15 minute drive from Picton

also remember registration is only for those who will be at the Mini in Person!

We have a limit of 70 people to this Mini

mini location


room will be open from 8am for setup and i will be there friday afternoon from 4pm for setup also.

also when registering can you please add your real name for name tags also as i have done below. thank you
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Dedicated elf
Global moderator
May 2, 2010
held for list

1: Waterproofing your enclosures, while keeping them cool (with good reasons why p10’s need careful attention) presenter lithgow lights (for good reason)

2: building your own elements (group show & tell)

3: layers and how best to use them - Presenter bbayjohn

4: controllers what is out there - Presenter Troy

5: xlights for beginners - presenter Keithsw111

6. Getting the most out of Xschedule. Presenter Keithsw111

7. Moving heads Again!! - presenters Ozaz and Keithsw111

8. crowd and traffic control presenter lithgow lights.

9. Voltage drop and power injection. 5v vs 12v vs 24v - Presenter I13

10. Pixel extenders - Presenter Hammo (Bryan)

11. Basic tools - Presenter Benslights

12. Video projection Presenter Fasteddy

13. flood/spot lighting Presenter Fasteddy

14. Projection Mapper - Presenter OZaz

15. matrix through xlights - presenter bbayjohn

16. falcon controller setup - presenter keithsw111

17. wire frames and how to make them - Presenter Lytnin

18 - custom models in xlights - presenter lytnin

19. using others sequences in your display. where to get them and what you can do - presenters lithgowlights and Benlights.

20. Advanced xlights - Presenter Keithsw111 - let us know what advanced sections you want covered.

power point background for presentations mini 2018 a.pptx?dl=0
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Bryan H

Generous elf
Feb 15, 2017
Difference between using 5v, 12v and 24v in a display - lengths, voltage losses etc.


Apprentice elf
Sep 25, 2014
Brisbane, QLD
Voltage drop and how to power inject. But a practicable explanation. Tools to identify power drop.

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Senior elf
Jul 5, 2013
I'm happy to cover voltages, voltage drop and power injection. I did this at the 2016 Adelaide mini.


Full time elf
Dec 24, 2017
Hedland WA
So want to be there!! I can't even make it to Perth for one .... too far away! :cry:

looking forward to the videos...