2014 Mini Melbourne

Here lies the details for the 2014 Australian Melbourne Mini.

Mini Christmas Expos 2014

Melbourne Mini 2014
May 17-18, 2014
Sydney Mini 2014
May 31-June 1, 2014
Brisbane Mini 2014
June 14-15, 2014
Adelaide Mini 2014
May 24-25, 2014
Perth Mini 2014

When: Sat 17 and Sun 18 May 2014

Costs: To be determined

Where: CNC Design, 1K Marine Parade, Abbotsford, 3167
View: https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/1K+Marine+Parade,+Abbotsford+VIC+3067/

Forum discussion: https://auschristmaslighting.com/threads/2014-melbourne-mini-17th-to-18th-of-may.5327/

Streaming: (tune in from around 9:30 am AEST)


This year we will have the mini again at CNC Design in Abbotsford. We want to cater for members of all ages and experiences so no matter if you are a newbie or a veteran please come along and enjoy two days of information and discussion sessions on what is new in Christmas Lighting. More importantly get to know other ACL members a passion for this hobby.

We will have this in May so you have lots of time think about and organise new lighting goodies for this Christmas. The Melbourne Mini is one of the feature events for the ACL year.


NOTE Door prize will include:
  • A Shiny new Stellascapes TS-16, complete with 16 sets of 85 node strings. ( these are the 16 bit ones! ), and a set of splitter cables to go. ( Value $AUD2995) OR a set of 4 Stellacapes Sun-12 high power RGBW Light fixtures, with a E1.31 controller / power supply. ( value $1995 ) - To be decided.
  • An Advatek Pixlite pixel controller.
  • A Hanson Electronics DC controller (TBA when available)
  • Goodies and/or a special offer from Minleon LSP
  • Lights from Paul Zang ( http://www.aliexpress.com/store/221277 )
  • Other prizes will be added as they come to hand.

Facilities include - Meeting room for 35 people with Projector and Internet access, Warehouse area to set up displays, Electrical assembly area for making displays and plenty of car parking. All just 3km from the Melbourne CBD.

How to get there - Car, Train (Closest station is Collingwood which is 5 min walk) or tram to Victoria Street Richmond (also 5 min walk)

If you plan to come, please add you name to this list or make a comment on the forum link above.


  • AAH
  • AndrewA
  • battle79
  • bjpc2716
  • caffeine
  • diyer
  • Ewan
  • gerry
  • livetoride
  • Maple
  • muzzag50
  • pipersmall
  • Qiang Fu Kiwi
  • ԆцряєсϮ
  • Snicko
  • tuppet
  • tuppetsdad

Others - Please let me know if you think you will come as we have to arrange the catering.


To be determined but possibly as follows.
  • Explore a show (or two). breakdown of lights/boards required for results
  • Planning a show - starting from nothing/converting from static to pc controlled
  • Introduction to electronics and how it applies to lights. Watts, volts, current and heat --Ruprect (possibly)
  • Comparison/explanation of the different networks used for controlling lights. E1.31, dmx, pixel, lor
  • Hooking things up - a sample of boards and where they fit in the grand scheme of Christmas lights
  • Introduction to DMX - start address, wiring
  • Introduction to E1.31, Pixels and E1.31 to pixel boards
  • Sequencing: LOR
  • Sequencing: LSP (with nutcracker) --Beacy
  • Sequencing: Vixen 3 --battle79
  • Hands on sequencing of lsp, lor, vixen. Also P2, P12, DR4 etc setup
  • Display marketing - how do you draw in more visitors? (general discussion). maybe including signage, radio tx and licence
  • Discussion about Chinese suppliers/ebay suppliers/big W etc. Covering what to specify for custom orders
  • Using a Pi for running your show using the FPP
  • Basic and in depth discussions on using E1.31 and E1.31 with multicast for your show --Qiang Fu Kiwi
  • Possible session showing off new boards etc from the vendors Stellascapes, Advatek and Hanson Electronics. These may include pixels, pixel controllers and dmx dimmer boards.

If there is something you specifically want covered, or want to present on, please discus in the thread.
If you have a laptop and want to flash some lights while you're there then bring it along.

What's happening - Saturday

The schedule will be updated or revised close to the event once confirmed numbers are calculated, however, here it is as it stands currently

SATURDAY - 22nd June
0830Doors Open / BreakfastTime for setup or grab a coffee
All0900Meet & GreetWelcome and Intro's, meet everyone.
AAH0930Network and light typesDiscussion on dumb and smart lights, LOR, dmx and E1.31 networks
All1000Morning teaTea/coffee/Coke Zero etc
Ruprect1015Electronics 101
AAH1100Types of Lights - LED Strings, RGB strings and strips, Modules, Pixels
L_Tay1300Setting up and sequencing with LOR
Beacy1330Setting up and sequencing with LSP
Battle791400Setting up and sequencing with Vixen 3
1500Afternoon Tea
AAH1530Installation & Hooking Things Up - Power & fusing, cable sizes, etcIncluding a quick demo of testing with da_dmx and da_e131
All1600Connect up and playJust a short session for anyone to connect up lights and turn them on
All1630 - 1700Wrap up

What's happening - Sunday

0900Doors OpenGrab a tea/coffee/coke zero
Sean Meighan (USA - via teamviewer)0930xlights/nutcracker and raspberry pi
All1000Morning tea
1015Buying Lights , controllers and interfaces- Suppliers and specification
Beacy1130Managing all that Data- Tips for large shows
Andrew Fraser1300E1.31 including multicast on a DIY network
AAH, Andrew Fraser, L_Tay, Devo1330Discussion of Different Controllers
1400DiscussionGroup based discussion. Got a question about anything at all Xmas light related then ask away.
1500Afternoon tea
All1515-End of playConnect up and play with controllers pixels and sequencers
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