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To make things easier, the wiki has a range of template pages that can be inserted into pages time and time again. Templates can also use other templates. When templates are edited, it is updated on every wiki page that it has been included on. This also means that any formatting or bbcode errors would spread to any pages that include a particular template, which is why (some) top-level templates have been protected from direct editing.

Most templates live in the Templates sub-area under the Wiki Pages area. See https://auschristmaslighting.com/wiki/Templates

Nav Boxes

Nav Boxes are designed to link together related wiki pages and are usually added as the last line of a page. The main template is Template:Nav Box, however it is usually better to create/use a sub-template so that it can be easily included on more than one page.

What does a Nav Box look like? Here is an example using the Template:Elements template. It shows a series of wiki page links for the most common display elements.
Here are a list of other existing Nav Box templates:
  • Template:Falcon A place to list Falcon Christmas products. To include in page use the code:
  • Template:Advatek A place to list Advatek Lights products. To include in page use the code:
  • Template:LOR A place to list Light-O-Rama products. To include in page use the code:
  • Template:AVD A place to list Audio Visual Devices Christmas lighting products. To include in page use the code:
  • Template:J1SYS A place to list Joshua 1 Systems controllers. To include in page use the code:

Message Boxes

Message Boxes are a way to convey a short important piece of information, like danger warning or a update notice that something significant in the article has changed or no longer applies, etc etc. They are usually placed at the beginning of a page section (after a Header). Message Boxes use one of two possible main templates: Template:Fmbox or Template:Ambox. Fmbox is usually the one you'll want to use, with Ambox retained for older pages. The major difference is the Fmbox icon is font-based, and the Ambox icon is image-based.


To display a message box you'll need up to three parameters each separated by the pipe ("|") character: text (required), type (optional), and icon (optional). The parameters can be provided in any order after the call to the Fmbox/Ambox template. For example, the following three lines would display an identical message box.
[template]Template:Ambox|text=Your message.|type=warning|icon=lightbulb-o[/template]
[template]Template:Ambox|type=warning|text=Your message.|icon=lightbulb-o[/template]
[template]Template:Ambox|type=warning|icon=lightbulb-o|text=Your message.[/template]


The text parameter is required and specifies what message text to display.

Your message.

[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Your message.|[/template]


The type parameter is optional and determines the colour of the message box and the icon/image (unless a custom icon/image is specified. The default type is notice. The permitted types are:
  • caution
  • warning
  • notice
  • move*
  • style*
  • protection*

Caution message.
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Caution message.|type=caution|[/template]

Warning message.
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Warning message.|type=warning|[/template]

Notice message (default).
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Notice message (default).|type=notice|[/template]

Note*: Move, style and protection are intended for issues relating directly to a wiki page, rather than the information within it. E.g. confusing wording, incorrect area, high-use page that needs edit protection.

Move message.
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Move message.|type=move|[/template]

Style message.
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Style message.|type=style|[/template]

Protection message.
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Protection message.|type=protection|[/template]


Note: For Fmbox, use icon. For Ambox, use image. This page assumes Fmbox will be used.

The icon parameter is optional and specifies a custom icon to display. The default icon is determined by a message box's type and specifying one here will override it.

For a list of icons, browse to http://fontawesome.io/icons/. Type (or copy) the name of the desired icon into the Fmbox icon parameter. e.g. for a lightning bolt "|icon=bolt" or a light bulb "|icon=lightbulb-o".


Water and electricity don't mix.
[template]Template:Fmbox|text=Water and electricity don't mix.|type=warning|icon=bath[/template]

Info Boxes


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