Moving Head Spotlights


New elf
Nov 10, 2019
Hi Guys,
I had a 5 moving lights in my display this year. I contacted a local plastics fabricator to get some domes made. I then made some waterproof enclosures for the lights using the domes.

Please be aware, the lights that are used in the star wars video which are ClayPaky Sharpies (or clones of them), are not necessarily legal to use in that fashion in Australia, due air space restrictions.
I contacted my CASSA and then Air Services Australia who put me in touch with POLAIR Queensland to make sure that my display wasn't going to cause any issues with flight paths.

One of the previous reply was correct, smoke/haze is not optional with these lights unless your using Sharpies. I used a commercial grade smoke machine as part of my display to allow the beams to be visible.
For the record my lights are the 7x12 watt RBGW style moving heads.

Also be aware that the lower cost lights are more likely to have issues with the stepper motors trying to move faster then they are able to and stalling, which mean you need to either power cycle the light or send a reset command from your show control software.

I also took the lights down each night after the show to prevent condensation from getting into them.
The exact lights he was using in that light show were Magicolour HG230B Beam's

the ones he is using in the star wars light show were brighter then the clay. paky because they are almost 2 times the price.