The ECG-D2 is a small controller board for E1.31 input and dual RS-485 output. The RS-485 output can be configured for the DMX or Renard protocol. The RS-485 output pins are compatible with the ESTA DMX standard pinout.

The ECG-D2 controller is a 10/100base-T Ethernet based unit. It also includes USB connectivity for configuration and field upgrading of the firmware. The ECG-D2 is programmed with our own Universal Boot Loader (UBL) and the application firmware can be field upgraded.

The ECG-D2 is designed to provide the RS-485 differential signals for 2 different output streams. Each port can output a single DMX universe in standard DMX mode or can be composed of of up to 4 DMX universes using our hyperDMX extensions.

The ECG-D2 can be powered by 5VDC or 7VDC-36VDC based on user applied jumper settings. The user can also supply power over the Passive POE (P-POE) pairs of a standard ethernet cable.

For sequencer Ethernet connectivity the software supports the E1.31 protocol and, for legacy support, the ArtNet II protocol.

All configuration is done via HTML pages or by an optional simpleXML configuration screen for rapid configuration and/or backup and restore of a configuration.

The above image is of a custom version of the ECG-D2. The normal one doesn't have the micro SD card, DIP switches or LEDs. It does show the polarity of the DC input socket though (no marked on PCB!)

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