2x P-DMX connectors on the P12S. so a single P12S will drive 12 universes of pixel strings plus provide two universes of DMX output.

With the latest firmware 3.4 that can be found here you can run 2 universes per output.

For sequencer Ethernet connectivity the software supports the E1.31 protocol and, for legacy support, the ArtNet II protocol. Pixel string protocols are implemented in software. Initial support of WS2801, LPD6803, and TM180x is fully functional. Additional protocols can be implemented as demand warrants and time allows.

The software allows for configuration, on a string by string basis, of the string protocol and SPI or ME clock speed to match the users needs. The two string protocols are totally independent.

There is a set of configurable controller effects (null pixels, reverse string, RGB translation, pixel grouping) and more will be added in future updates.

All configuration is done via HTML pages or by an optional simpleXML configuration screen for rapid configuration and/or backup and restore of a configuration.

Each string output is limited to the contents of 1 universes with each universe limited to 170 pixels.

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