The ECG-P12R is a pixel controller with 12 pixel drive outputs for connection to pixel strings or strips.

The ECG-P12R is no longer available. It has been replaced by the ECG-P12S.
The article remains for information and support of existing ECG-P12R owners.

It has an Ethernet (RJ45) connection that accepts E1.31 (DMX over IP) or Art-Net data. Most people will use the E1.31 format.

Info on using the P12R including a pdf guide can be found at

Power Connectors

There are two larger 2 pin screw terminal connectors labelled P00 and P13. P00 is the power input for strings 1‐6, while P13 is the power input for strings 4-12.

Power Jumpers

Pixel Connectors

The twelve 4 pin pluggable screw terminals are labelled P01-P12 and correspond to strings 1-12.
  • Pin 1 – GND
  • Pin 2 – Clock
  • Pin 3 – Data
  • Pin 4 – V+


Each power input (P00 and P13) is protected by a 30A mini blade fuse (F00 & F13 respectively).

Each pixel output (P01-P12) is protected by a 7.5 Amp mini blade fuse (F01-F12 respectively).

Important! Do not fit larger rating fuses. If the fuses blow, you need to check the wiring for overloading or a short circuit.

Other Jumpers

DIP Switches


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