The ECG-D4 is an Ethernet based PIC32 controller that directly supports 4 RS-485 ports. All chips except the RS-485 drivers are SMD and permanently soldered to the board. This unit only comes as an assembled and tested unit and is also available with an optional silver aluminum chassis. An image of the completed board is shown above.

The board is approximately 12cm x 7cm and we have produced a custom silver aluminum case to match.

The ECG-D4 is a small 10/100Base-T controller designed for the E1.31 protocol and direct control of the RS-485 ports. It is communicated with via HTML for configuration and via UDP for packet reception/transmission. The controller is a powerful PIC32MX795F512L 32 bit processor with 512KB of flash and 128KB of RAM. An additional 2MB of flash is supplied in an external SPI flash chip for HTML and configuration storage. The PIC32MX795 includes an internal high speed Ethernet controller connected to an external PHY chip. Across the back of the board are DC power input, Ethernet jack, reset switch, option switches, USB port (for future use), and indicator LEDs. On the front of the board is a four-port RJ45 jack with indicator LEDs. Most firmware updates can be made by the built-in TFTP Ethernet bootloader. An ICSP connector is provided for direct firmware updates.

The software currently supports E1.31 reception and a rudimentary Art-Net II support. We will upgrade to full Art-Net II/III support soon.

Power is supplied as a regulated 5VDC using a 2.5mm barrel connector. The unit can be provided with a connector and pigtail for user supplied power supplies or can be supplied with a 2A universal switching power supply. Power usage is extimated to be approximately 1 amp @ 5VDC. The optional power supply is available in USA, Australian, and EU versions.

The current software supports DMX at 250Kbps or Renard at 9.6Kbps, 19.2Kbps, 38.4Kbps, 57.6Kbps, or 115.2Kbps. The software also supports our special Hyper-DMX speeds.

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