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xLights & Nutcracker
Released Yes
Price Free
Website http://www.xlights.org/
Latest Release
Stable Version V4 2016.51 download
Protocols Supported
DMX512 Yes
E1.31 Yes
LightORama Yes
X-10 No
Renard Yes
Supported Formats
Light-O-Rama (*.lms, *.las), Vixen 2 (*.vix), Falcon Player (*.fseq), Lynx Conductor (*.seq), Glediator (*.gled)

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Nutcracker Background

Nutcracker began as a separate a free tool that will allow the easy creation of animations for RGB devices. Developed by Sean Meighan and added to xLights 3 by Matt Brown in December 2012. xLights 4 is led by Sean Meighan and is developed by a team of volunteer developers.

xLights 4 Webinars (2016)

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