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AusChristmasLighting is a community for anyone with an interest in Christmas lighting, especially people who are keen to add a new level of awesome to their displays with animated lighting.

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johnb wrote on keithsw1111's profile.
Hello Keith -

I understand from Mark_M that you have code for Arduino that allow it to revcieve xLights data in real time? I would be very interested in knowing more about that. I am building a light rack that simulates a sunrise/sunset ovre a model railroad. Part of the requirement is to raise and lower three window shades using three stepper motors.
Albrador wrote on miked's profile.
Hi Miked, we enjoy seeing your displays every year. Just wondering what pixels you use? Are they 5v or 12v or a mixture of both?
bbayjohn wrote on SAALTFAM's profile.
Thanks, Email sent as well.
payment can be made via PayPal to golbach.john@gmail.com
What’s your address to post to?