1. AAH

    Burning process for Falcon Player (FPP)

    These 2 videos show the process of burning Falcon Player version 3.5 onto a micro SD card. There's written instructions on Falcon Christmas and on Github but this is for people who like to see it done. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxFvhK74wbw Image sources, burner/etcher source and...
  2. C

    Newbie- fpp programming for matrix display among other q’s

    Hi Guys, new poster here! Writing from Christchurch New Zealand. Looking to expand our display this year by adding in a pixel matrix to our scenery. Excuse the nebie post and apologies if anything has been asked before or seems a little left fold. If anything has been asked before, if you could...
  3. Derf

    Multiple Colorlight Cards with FPP for P5 Panels (Guide)

    Hi All, As this is has been a common question recently I thought I would write up a quick how to guide on how I got my 5x6 p5 panel matrix up and running. Please click spoiler buttons to reveal images. End Result: [A] My Setup: First of all just some basic information about my setup. This...
  4. Jcooper3584

    Beaglebone black ethernet (eth0) not working

    Hi Guys, I have just started playing around with pixels and have a beagebone black cape (Hanson HE123). I have flashed the beaglebone emmc with FPP and everything works fine when connected with USB ( But, when I connect it directly to the computer or via a router, the beaglebone...
  5. darrenr

    Hourly playlist?

    Hey team, I have a playlist scheduling question... I want to have my show run a repeating xlights sequence (without music) and then every hour, on the hour play a musical sequence. When it's done go back to the repeating lights only sequence. I can't seem to see how I can do this in FPP (which I...
  6. J

    Please help - FPP Channel Outputs / Issues

    Hi All, Hope everyone's displays are up and running nicely - mine however, is not. I started out in the pixel game this year, and decided to start small. I'm running a Pi3B+ with FPP loaded (just updated to 2.5 this evening). I'm also running a PiCap -...
  7. TastyHamSandwich

    FPP Won't Run Scheduler/Play Playlist Until I Plug Ethernet In

    Greetings, everyone! So I've got something of a unique issue in front of me, suddenly. I haven't seen this problem in the past, but I've so far been unable to roll back to a version of FPP that doesn't do this to me. I warn you now of the wall of text that is coming up, so skip to the bottom...
  8. AAH

    Falcon Player (FPP) download locations

    I don't know if these are the "official" locations or not but the 2 main variants of FPP can be grabbed from the sites below http://fpp.bc2va.org/images/ http://fpp.bc2va.org/images/FPP-v2.0-Alpha-Pi-20180315.zip is currently the latest alpha 2.0 release for Pi Install instructions...
  9. S

    BeagleBone Black running Falcon Player on P10's

    Greetings from the Gold Coast, I am having trouble getting my P10 panels to display a sequence (created with xLights 2017.32) using a BBB with Octoscrolla and FPP v1.9-64. It is a 5h x 4w matrix, all panels with arrows up, connected to an octoscrolla, outputs 1-5. Each output is driving a...
  10. jaredo

    FPP Display Voting Website & Yet another 'Christmas Light Finder'

    Hi All, I've been working on a project on and off for the past year or so. It's primary focus is allowing/enabling voting on sequences in my display and secondary as a Christmas light finder for my local community. I'm intending to let viewers use this functionality in 2017 The aim was to make...
  11. Adelaide Mini 2017 - Falcon Player: what is it, why use it?

    Adelaide Mini 2017 - Falcon Player: what is it, why use it?

    Presented by keithsw1111. What is Falcon Player and why would you want to use it in your Christmas lights display?
  12. Sydney Mini 2016 - Falcon (Pi) Player

    Sydney Mini 2016 - Falcon (Pi) Player

    Presented by BradsXmasLights for the 2016 Sydney Mini.
  13. Adelaide Mini 2015 - Raspberry Pi running Falcon Player

    Adelaide Mini 2015 - Raspberry Pi running Falcon Player

    Presented by Superman for the Adelaide Mini 2015 - Day 2. Thanks to Falcon (Pi) Player, you no longer need to have a "show computer" running your show. Apolo...
  14. Falcon Player

    Falcon Player (formally Falcon Pi Player, FPP) does remote playback of your sequences without a using relatively expensive laptop/desktop. It is a solution to the conductor or director products. The Falcon Player (FPP) runs on Linux, which is on a Sing